AMS Alliance Instruments specialise in Continuous Flow and Discrete analysers in various fields such as Environment (waters and soils), Agri-food (food and feed), Alcoholic beverages, Agriculture (fertilisers, plants and cereals), Milk and dairy products.
BioControl offers the broadest range of proprietary testing platforms for the detection of food-borne pathogens, spoilage organisms and hygiene and HACCP monitoring. Assurance GDS (Genetic Detection System) combines the latest advancements in molecular detection technology and food microbiology to provide faster results with the increased accuracy required to meet today’s food and environmental testing challenges. 
For more than 50 years, ebro® is your specialist for handhelds, data loggers and software to measure and record temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, oil quality Brix and many other measurements.
Eppendorf supplies a rang of liquid-, sample-, and cell handling equipment and consumables, which includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and single-use bioreactor vessels complement the range of highest-quality premium products.
ERWEKA is a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, supplying tablet test equipment for large pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world. ERWEKA is the only manufacturer to offer a product for every required test of solid dosage form drugs.
Fedegari manufacture leading class Steam Sterilisers and Glassware Washing units. They specialize in the design of these machines for applications such as Quality Assurance in the Bio/pharmaceutical and Food Markets, as well as laboratories in research, life science and biotech labs. The steriliser range includes Vertical, Bench-top and Stand alone units. 
With nearly sixty years experience in the design of spectrophotometers, JASCO offers a complete range of UV-Visible/NIR spectrophotometers, a Comprehensive Range of FTIR Spectrometers, Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeters, and Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems.
Since its founding in 1967 JULABO has consistently set new standards for high-performance and reliable temperature control. Today JULABO supplies arrange of Water Baths, Shaking Water Baths, Immersion Coolers, Heating and Refrigerated Circulators.

Microfluidics offers a complete range of Microfluidizer® homogenizers. Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotech applications, with full CGMP compliance, our precision designed and manufactured machines achieve excellent results in diverse application fields such as nanoemulsions, suspensions, cell disruption and liposomes — efficiently, predictably and reliably

For over 25 years, Motic has been a global leader in providing innovative microscope and microscopy solutions tailored to the end users. Motic manufactures conventional and digital microscopes, cameras and software solution for imagining of micro and macrostructures
OI Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis. Data from these analytical instruments serves as the basis for informed decisions affecting human health and safety, environmental protection, industrial operations, and product quality.
PSS provide leading edge instrumentation in the field of Particle Sizing, Counting and Zeta Potential for the laboratory and online. They employ SPOS principles allowing accurate determination of aggregates or larger particles in a sample distribution tail, as well as being used to measure particle contamination in liquids, both pharmaceutical and industrial.
PCR BIOSYSTEMS Ltd. strives to be a leading manufacturer of kits and reagents for scientists and end-users working in the field of molecular biology research and diagnostics by maintaining the highest level of integrity, professionalism, innovation, and competitive pricing for our clients.
Pharmagraph offers complete 21 CFR part 11 compliant solutions for clean room and facility monitoring systems. From supply of sensors, through installation, system qualification, training and calibration.Offering Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Microbiological sampling and Airborne Particle Counts, our systems deliver succinct, secure results.
Picosun is a leading supplier of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology. PICOSUN™ ALD equipment portfolio ranges from fully automated, SEMI compliant batch and cluster systems for high volume manufacturing to smaller scale R&D and pre-pilot production tools.
SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has become a leading producer of analytical instruments, offering Polarimeters, Refractometers, Colorimeters and Density meters for the Laboratories, and in addition, Analysis automation of Filtration, Dosage, and Purity. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH also offer Inline process refractometers, On-line process-analysis-automation and a Fiber-optic online pH-monitoring system.
SI Analytics have made sure that electrochemical measurement today is an indispensable, trouble-free and reliable procedure all over the world. With high-performance SCHOTT pH glasses, innovative electrodes and electrochemical measuring instruments such as pH meters, conductometers, oxygen measuring instruments, piston burettes and titrators,
TRACE Analytics GmbH is a leading provider of online analysis systems for biotech applications in research, development and production. They manufacture robust and easy to maintain devices and process connections for monitoring and control of complex fermentation processes in industrial pharmaceutical production, under continuous measurement conditions.
Unity Scientific are leading global providers of near infrared (NIR) bench-top and at-line analysers for the agricultural, food, beverage, meat, dairy, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries.
VELP Scientifica offers four diversified business categories: Food&Feed Line, Environment Line, Stirring Line and other Lab Equipment VELP is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research.
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