AURORA handheld NIR

Take measures into your own hands.
Accuracy is important when getting spectroscopy measurements, but so is flexibility. 

Aurora NIR is a portable NIR analyser that includes the most advanced NIR technology. It is developed and designed for professionals in agri-foods and renewable energy. Every component of the analyser has been designed to meet the needs of a demanding work environment which requires:
· Robustness
· Ease of use
· Long battery life ... up to 2.5 hours
· Quick exchangeable battery when battery expires
· Reliable analytical results
· Custom analytical reports and data storage
· Low maintenance costs

Aurora NIR provides accurate and rapid analysis of chopped for age, feed and feed ingredients directly in the field during harvest as well as many grains. The instrument is supplied pre-calibrated for analysis of a wide range of products.

The Aurora NIR software integrates InProcess (manufacturer) functions, with easy, customizable data transfer with xml and pdf supported formats.
The report is customizable with notes, photographs and geolocation of the sample