Dietary Fiber Extraction - GDE Enzymatic Digester

Dietary Fiber Extraction - GDE Enzymatic Digester

Enzymatic digestion for dietary fiber analysis by enzymes heating.

Excellent Thermoregulation

Outstanding temperature regulation is possible with GDE: through an intuitive digital display it is possibile to set the desired temperature, with an excellent accuracy of only ± 0.2 °C.

Unattended operation is also possible, as the analyst can quickly set the operating time and focus on other tasks.

The transparent tank is made by polycarbonate, and ensures enhanced resistance up to 105 °C; whilst the use of deionized water eliminates any possible creation of limestone.

High Reliability

  • Non-stop sample mixing for homogeneity
  • Constant temperature, no overheating of samples
  • Excellent accuracy of +0.2 °C
  • Digital timer for reproducible results

Complete System

  • Precision, 6-position magnetic stirrer
  • Immersion heating head & water bath

Practical Benefits

  • Transparent water bath for good visibility
  • Unattended operation frees lab staff
  • Digital display for good precision and observation


  • Use deionized water to eliminate any possible creation of limestone