Eppendorf Microcapillaries for Research

Eppendorf Microcapillaries for Research

Eppendorf offers no magic bullet, but the right microcapillary for your cell manipulation application. Our high quality capillaries harmoniously complement our cell manipulation instruments, thereby providing you with the best set of tools for successful experimentation.

Product Information

Eppendorf offers a wide range of excellent microcapillaries, designed to give you fast, efficient and reproducible results for the most common applications. All microcapillaries offer you reproducible quality through narrowly defined specifications and intensive quality control, as well as the greatest security through effective sterilization methods.


  • TransferTips for stem cell transfer etc.
  • Femtotips and Femtotip II for microinjection of minimal volumina
  • Piezo-Drill Tips for piezo-assisted micromanipulation