SI Analytics SLR (285416373) (x1) R6 590.00 ex VAT

Using our SI Analytics laboratory stirrer with heating, the process of mixing liquids can be selected from careful to intense, and the device can be used for speedy heating up or controlled temperature adaptation. All functions can be viewed and monitored on the large, clear LCD display. The stirrer speed range from 100 to 1000/min and can be set in steps of 10/min. The heating power can be set in 24 steps and reaches an average heating output of 0.9 kW at step 24. If a Pt 1000 temperature sensor is connected which enable a temperature control between 25°C to 200°C at an accuracy level of +/- 2° to 5°C as a function of liquid volume, heat capacity and ambient temperature. The display will inform the user at intervals of 5 s about the actual and the set temperature.