ATR-F Touch

ATR-F Touch

  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • Continuous measuring mode
  • Maximum user-friendliness
  • Sample temperatures up to 100 °C
  • Flexibility due to modular concept

Laboratory refractometer with integrated Peltier-Thermostat

  • High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios and quality, quantity control of solutions
  • Highly accurate and reproducible measuring results in no time at all
  • Values can be displayed continuously (continuous mode)
  • Very flat, easy to clean and easy to handle sample chamber
  • Fast and reliable control of sample temperature by built-in solid state Peltier-thermostat
  • Electronic unit separated from measuring head
  • Operating mode alternatively horizontal or vertical possible
  • Measuring head can be connected to the PC and operated as stand-alone device
  • Flow-through sample compartment for continuous measurements
  • Adopted User friendly Operation System displayed by a broad 7“ TFT Touchscreen
  • Easy to calibrate with sucrose solutions or certified Chemical Reference Materials (CRM)
  • Modern and robust design for rough environments
  • Internal measuring data storage
  • Documentation according to GLP/GMP, 21 CFR part 11 ready, corresponding software optionally available
  • Very long-lasting LED light source
  • Extremely low noise
  • Minimal maintenance effort

Software Features at a glance

  • Menu guided Operation System
  • Personalizing of the display and data output
  • Quick set-up of user-specific measurement scales
  • Storage for more than 1.000 products including up to 1.000 methods
  • Context interactive Help function (Help button)
  • Password protected administration and user profiles
  • User editable formulas to evaluate and calculate the displayed values and data
  • Software guided instrument calibration with sucrose solution or certified Chemical Reference Materials (CRM)
  • Traceability of all calibration procedures
  • Export interface to MS Excel, to Text file and PDF file
  • Quick Reset to factory defaults
  • Quick Reset to user-, company specific defaults
  • User friendly self-diagnostics options and easy service and support references