R-200 Advanced ALD System

R-200 Advanced ALD System

The PICOSUN™ R-200 Advanced ALD systems are suitable for R&D on dozens of applications such as IC components, MEMS devices, displays, LEDs, lasers, and 3D objects such as lenses, optics, jewelry, coins, and medical implants.

Technical Features

Typical substrate size and type

  • 50-200 mm single wafers
  • 156 mm x 156 mm solar Si wafers
  • 3D objects
  • Powders and particles
  • Mini-batch
  • Porous, through-porous, and high aspect ratio (up to 1:2500)

Processing temperature

  • 50 – 500°C, plasma 450°C (650 °C with heated chuck on request)

Typical processes

  • Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2, ZnO, ZrO2, AlN, TiN, metals such as Pt or Ir

Substrate loading

  • Manual loading with a pneumatic lift
  • Load lock with magnetic manipulator arm
  • Semi-automatic loading with handling robot
  • Cassette-to-cassette loading with cluster tools


  • Liquid, solid, gas, ozone, plasma
  • Up to 12 sources with 6 separate inlets (7 if the plasma option is chosen)


  • Cluster tools, Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer, roll-to-roll chamber, RGA, UHV compatibility, N2 generator, gas scrubber, customized designs, glove box integration for inert loading

The PICOSUN™ R-200 Advanced ALD system is the global market leader in advanced ALD research tools with hundreds of customer installations. It has become the tool of choice both for companies and research institutes driven by innovation.

The agile design enables the highest quality ALD film depositions together with the ultimate system flexibility to fit future needs and applications. The patented hot-wall design with fully separate inlets and instrumentation enables particle-free processing adaptable on a wide range of materials on wafers, 3D objects, and all nanoscale features. Excellent uniformity even on the most challenging through-porous, ultra-high aspect ratio, and nanoparticle samples is achieved thanks to our proprietary Picoflow™ technology. The PICOSUN™ R-200 Advanced systems are equipped with highly functional and easily exchangeable precursor sources for liquid, gaseous, and solid chemicals. Highly efficient and patented remote plasma option enables deposition of metals without the risk of short-circuiting or plasma damage. Integration with glove boxes, UHV systems, manual and automated loaders, cluster tools, powder chambers, roll-to-roll chambers, and various in situ analytics systems enable efficient and flexible research with good results no matter what your research area is now or might become later on.

Customer Testimonials

“The engineering and layout of the PICOSUN™ ALD system are very impressive. The Picohot™ heated sources open up a huge number of potential material research areas. I would recommend Picosun’s ALD equipment to everyone who needs a versatile thin film deposition tool for cutting-edge materials fabrication.”
“Obviously the Picosun ALD systems show a high degree of design and engineering resulting in reliable systems. Also we have to mention Picosun’s customer service is second to none with prompt replies addressing the various (technical and process) issues we, as users, come up with. We would warmly recommend PICOSUN™ ALD tools to our Australian colleagues in research institutes or in industry. We are confident that through our large user base the impact of the Picosun ALD on their research is also transmitted overseas through their collaborators and networks. One of the key advantages of PICOSUN™ ALD systems is that the plasma and thermal depositions can be done in the same outfit without any hardware modifications. Moreover, the software is user friendly and it offers one of the most outstanding features, namely the boost function to be used particularly with high aspect ratio nanostructures.”
”The good performance of Picosun’s ALD technology is well-known and trusted. We learned about Picosun through our industrial co-workers in LED manufacturing and the high technological quality and great achievements of the PICOSUN™ ALD systems motivated us to select one ourselves. Picosun’s ALD equipment have demonstrated remarkable and reliable performance for electronic devices and optoelectronics production which is why we greatly recommend the semiconductor industries (for example Si-based FinFET, CMOS, LED, and display manufacturers) to consider PICOSUN™ ALD systems.”
“The Picosun reactors are designed by ALD experts for a single purpose to do ALD. I would recommend Picosun to anyone who is looking for production-proven and optimized, leading quality ALD solutions for their manufacturing needs, provided by the true experts of the technology. Picosun covers the complete spectrum of ALD tools from basic R&D equipment to process transfer to productive, industrial-scale platforms like batch chambers that can also be clustered for automatic wafer processing in a wafer fab production.” 
“We are impressed with the excellent customer support provided by Picosun, the excellent quality of our PICOSUN™ ALD system, and its simple, clear, intuitive, and secure software. We have installed our PICOSUN™ system at our university and we would recommend it to any academic institute carrying out cutting-edge research in nanotechnology and related areas. This is the smallest PICOSUN™ system. For production purposes one should consider a bigger PICOSUN™ system with options for automated operation.”
“Picosun is one of the leaders in the field of ALD. They have strong experience in the development of ALD equipment and in the ALD processes. When we have questions about the ALD system or the ALD processes we always have competent people to answer our questions. PICOSUN™ ALD systems can be used in all MEMS and other microelectronics applications, both in research and in industries, with a large range of materials that can be deposited.” 
“We have chosen an ALD system from Picosun because of the possibility of its fulfillment in the UHV version”
“In the past five years, our PICOSUN™ ALD systems have performed flawlessly and have allowed us to carry out many ALD growth studies with a diverse range of new precursors.”
“I have known Picosun for about eight years, and I have always been impressed with this company. They have a real enthusiasm and commitment to ALD, and the staff is open and friendly and easy-going. I would recommend the PICOSUN™ R-series tool to any researcher in the field of ALD. I am always confident of the support I will get from Picosun.”
“The fact that Picosun has been involved in the ALD industry since its infancy speaks volumes about their technical expertise and the learning curve that’s gone into designing the tool. I would recommend the PICOSUN™ R-series platform to any academic or national laboratory looking to do thin film research. Operationally, the system is both flexible and robust enough to meet the demands of a highly technical, multiple user facility.” 
“Since I started working in the field of ALD I have always been positively surprised and satisfied by the response and availability of the Picosun team. We have a lot of exchange about the process parameters, the reactor parts, and the different possibilities offered by some specific precursors. At the beginning, Picosun team took time to properly explain all the details of the system and to recommend what equipment was the best for our purposes.  It made us trust that the after sales service would also be up to our expectations. Moreover, the computer interface of the PICOSUN™ ALD reactor is very intuitive, the handling of the reactor is simple and the precursor sources are easily accessible which makes their replacement quick and safe. I would recommend Picosun to all scientists and manufacturers who are interested in the ALD technology. The PICOSUN™ ALD tool is very easy to use but at the same time powerful enough allowing one to master very complex processes.”
“Before purchasing our ALD system we carefully investigated several alternatives. In the PICOSUN™ system we found many advantages over the others. For making good devices, good thermal stability and very uniform deposition are essential. We also love the handy operation system. Picosun provides us high quality products, friendly and appropriate advice, and good after sales support. We are very satisfied with our ALD tool and we recommend PICOSUN™ systems to all research institutes to manufacture high quality ALD films and to companies just to utilize the good research results.”