The HeatSealers S100 and S200 are user friendly instruments for reliable sealing of different plate formats. Our available set of adapters enables you to seal almost any plate. In order to obtain reliable assay results, plates need to be sealed tightly in a reproducible manner and the same is true for maintaining sample integrity during storage.

Product Information

The Eppendorf HeatSealer Family offers you reliable and effective sealing of a variety of plates. You can choose from a more compact (S100) and a more flexible (S200) instrument according to your sealing needs.


  • Hermetic sealing of multiwell plates
  • Eliminates evaporation in PCR
  • Seals 96- and 384-well plates
  • Integrated thermostat prevents overheating
  • Improved mechanics for even easier sealing
  • PCR Plate Adapter included