Assurance GDS®

Assurance GDS®

Assurance GDS (Genetic Detection System) combines the latest advancements in molecular detection technology and food microbiology to provide faster results with the increased accuracy required to meet today’s food and environmental testing challenges. Assurance GDS utilizes multiple layers of specificity, including immunomagnetic separation (IMS), highly specific primers, and a patented probe system to ensure highly accurate results.

Speed and Accuracy

Rapid accurate detection method features the latest innovations in geneticdetection technology and food microbiology.

Three levels of Specificity

Assurance GDS® utilizes three levels of specificity to ensure accurate results. These include highly specific primers, probes and immunomagnetic separation.

PickPen Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS)

Sample preparation includes the proprietary PickPen® IMS which isolates the target organism and removes it from the food matrix and media which could interfere with PCR results.

Key Tests/Pathogens 

Salmonella                                           MPX Top 7 STEC
Salmonella HET                                           MPX Top 6 STEC
Listeria spp.                                          Top 7 STEC (eae)
Listeria monocytogenes                                          Top 6 STEC (eae)
Cronobacter                                          Shiga Toxin Genes (O157)
E. coli O157:H7                                          Shiga Toxin Genes (Top 7)
E. coli O104                                          Shiga Toxin Genes (Top 6)