1-2 Test®

1-2 Test®

The 1-2 Test for Salmonella is an antibody based assay for the detection of Salmonella in food and environmental samples.  The assay incorporates immunodiffusion technology to provide accurate and rapid results following a simple 1 or 2 step enrichment protocol.  If present, Salmonella move through the motility media as Salmonella-specific antibodies diffuse into the media from the opposite direction.  The antibodies bind to the target Salmonella antigen to form a visually apparent immunoband indicating a positive test result.  As an AOAC Official Method of Analysis, the 1-2 Test is one of the simplest rapid methods available for the detection of Salmonella.  

The First Widely Accepted Single-Use Salmonella Test

The 1-2 Test is a patented, single-use test for Salmonella used by analysts worldwide. It combines proprietary science with practical application, resulting in proven performance and ease of use.

Accurate, Reliable and Validated Results

Extensive multi-laboratory and field validation studies have shown that the 1-2 Test is highly accurate and specific. The proprietary 1-2 Test antibody captures a wide range of Salmonella, without reacting with most common cross-reactors.

One Test for all of Your Samples

The single-use format of the 1-2 Test provides the flexibility to run any number of tests depending on your testing needs. The 1-2 Test is suitable for testing all food products, food ingredients and environmental samples.