Moisture Analyser M18

Moisture Analyser M18

The M18 Moisture Analyser is a new type of moisture meter that will help you consistently hit your moisture targets.

  • Trusted – superior accuracy for process optimisation
  • Fast – operator and LIMS results in 30 seconds
  • Easy – pre-calibrated and one button analysis
  • Flexible – unground, ground, slurry, paste and gel
  • Optimal data handling – built-in computer
  • Rugged – designed for at-line process control

The Unity Scientific M18 Moisture Analyser delivers in 30 seconds accurate analysis of the moisture and total solids content in unground, ground, slurry, paste and gel products in manufacturing processes. Moisture analysis is a critical component of process consistency and efficiency. Accurate and precise moisture control enables process optimisation by controlling mixing, drying and heating processes.

Immediate Feedback

The M18 is designed to give production and quality management personnel rapid access to reliable, repeatable, accurate and precise data from samples collected from the manufacturing process. Results are immediate and trustworthy for quick, confident control inputs.

Rugged Design

The M18 is designed rugged and can be used right next to the production line, at the receiving station, or in the quality control laboratory. As the system does not use scales, it is not sensitive to plant vibrations, temperature, or blowing air. The M18 is a completely sealed unit that is dust and moisture proof and can be upgraded to IP65 if required.


The M18 Moisture Analyser offers true plug and play implementation. Analysers are delivered pre-calibrated for most products, or can be quickly calibrated to specific products on-site. Operator training is simple and intuitive for shift operators.

Reliable Foundation

The M18 uses advanced scanning technology to deliver consistent, reliable results across a wide range of sample variation.  For customers using on-line moisture gauges, the M18 is ideal as a central resource for monitoring, biasing and validating these systems to protect against drift and changing conditions.