Eppendorf TrackIT

Eppendorf TrackIT

Manage your Eppendorf pipettes with Eppendorf TrackIt. Instantly know the essential information of each pipette without searching the pipette in the whole lab. Eppendorf pipettes have a data chip molded in that can be read or edited by the TrackIt reader. All information is centrally stored in the TrackIt Software and can automatically be transferred in your lab data base.

Product Information

To increase the traceability of your pipette portfolio Eppendorf offers Eppendorf TrackIT. This product contains a RFID reader and software to scan the device data of an embedded RFID chip within liquid handling instruments and save it in a database which can be opened at any time.


  • Unambiguous instrument identification: Nearly every liquid handling device is equipped with a RFID chip containing all relevant pipette data like serial number, dispensing volume, factory adjustment data etc. These data clearly identify the pipette and cannot be changed or deleted
  • Easy documentation including specific user information
  • The Eppendorf TrackIT software exports information to several formats (HTML, XML and CVS) to implement the system into existing software like electronic lab book or LIMS


  • Instrument identification
  • Traceability of instruments used in an experiment
  • Individualization of the instrument
  • Printed documentation of all relevant instrument data
  • Make all relevant instrument information available for digital documentation
  • Documentation of service history