Eppendorf Serological Pipets

Eppendorf Serological Pipets

Eppendorf's Serological Pipets - Quality and convenience designed to work in perfect harmony with Easypet 3

Product Information

Eppendorf completes its portfolio in liquid handling with the new line of Eppendorf Serological Pipets. Experience the quality and convenience in liquid handling you have trusted in for decades with Eppendorf’s system: Eppendorf Easypet® 3 and Eppendorf Serological Pipets.Eppendorf’s serological pipets are designed to work in perfect harmony with your Easypet 3. The pipets offer precise graduations overlaid on the ultra-clear pipet material to facilitate quick and easy reading of the volume. The pipets are individually wrapped and packaged in a robust dispenser box to ensure consistent premium quality.


  • Clear and precise graduations for easy volume determination
  • Color-coding for easy identification of pipet sizes
  • Subunits with dispenser option to keep stored products safe
  • Individually wrapped pipets for reliable sterility
  • Ultra-pure virgin polystyrene meeting the requirement of USP VI
  • Harmonized and well-fitting operation with Easypet 3, compatibility with all existing pipet helper
  • Sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Certified absence of detectable pyrogens, DNA, RNase and DNase
  • Certified non-cytotoxic