Eppendorf Microloader™

Eppendorf Microloader™

Extra long for precise filling of microcapillaries    

Product Information

These unique tips are ideally suited to fill microcapillaries used for microinjection. The extremely long, fine and flexible tip provides also the ideal solution for all kind of applications in which additional reach is needed while pipetting smallest volumes.


  • Extremely long, fine and flexible tip for filling of microcapillaries for microinjection and where additional reach is needed
  • Microloader tips and rack autoclavable
  • Highest precision and accuracy when used with Eppendorf pipettes for 0.5 to 10 µL (gray control button)


  • Filling of microcapillaries for microinjection
  • Recovery of excess solution from the capillary
  • Pipetting smallest volumes where additional reach is needed