The standard procedure to separate particles from a solutions is a gravimetric filtration. This method is time consuming and could also result in small amounts of evaporation of the liquid.

A good example for this application is the preparation of sugar samples in the reception laboratory. Instead of using a gravimetric filtration, the automatic filtration systems AutoFilt reduces the filtration time by at least a  factor of 10 and ensures a turbidity free solution in a very short time. The AutoFilt in its two versions is the perfect accessory for the implementation of NIR Polarimetry (Icumsa Method GS1/2/3-2 (2005), GS7-31(2011)) in the lab.

  • Fast pressure filtration for the sugar lab
  • Environment-friendly measuring technique
  • Lead-free sample preparation
  • Easy handling
  • Residue-free filtration


The newly developed filtration unit AutoFilt is a follow-up development of the manual, small filtration unit LabFilt.

The filtration units are a necessary and useful addition to our NIR polarimeters, since they are making the use of environmental hazardous clarification chemicals for highly colored samples with a large amount of solids needless and shorten the filtration time drastically.

AutoFilt stainless steel filtration unit with automatic valve control for pressure inlet-depressurisation-cleaning for up to 250 ml sample volume.

Complete with sealing, filter support inside the outlet funnel and 100 filter pads.