FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer

FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer


The fully automatic analyzer for crude and detergent fiber determination according to official reference methods requiring minimum operator time with unique user interface and cloud connectivity.


Fully Automatic Crude and Detergent Fiber

Accurate and reproducible results are what a scientist of the animal feed industry needs for fiber determinations to meet the requirements of product labeling and quality control.
The FIWE Advance automates digestion, washing and filtration steps guaranteeing consistency for Crude Fiber with Weende Method and Detergent Fiber for fiber fraction with Van Soest Method NDF, ADF and ADL. 

Compliance and consistency

FIWE Advance produces accurate results that always comply with official ISO and AOAC methods for both Crude Fiber and Detergent Fiber.In addition, the FIWE Advance method using crucibles avoids the loss of fibre due to the transfer of the sample which remains in the crucible for the duration of the analytical procedure. The sample in fact remains inside the crucibles during the extraction, digestion, washing and filtration phases, and also during weighing and finally for drying and ashing eliminating the risks of error.

Load the samples and go

FIWE Advance saves you valuable time by reducing costs and improving your lab's productivity.FIWE Advance requires only 2 minutes of operator time compared to more than 50 minutes/operator of a semi-automatic solution.You will no longer need to preheat and pour chemicals into the columns, manage the temperature for proper boiling, or make sure the filtration is successful.With FIWE Advance all these operations are automatic and thanks to the cloud connection you are always informed with immediate notifications.

Smart and easy-to-use

With FIWE Advance, fiber analysis becomes easy and convenient for your laboratory. The 7-inch touchscreen display and the User Interface developed by VELP make operations simple and smart.The FIWE Advance comes with pre-installed methods developed by VELP in accordance with official methods. You can create custom methods and select your favorites for maximum convenience and to speed-up your daily work.FIWE Advance has 3 USB ports and allows you to connect VELP barcode readers to facilitate data insertion and to avoid transcription errors.Connecting your balance will make data transfer and calculation of results quick and easy.

Maximum safety through full automation

Fiber determination with the FIWE Advance is absolutely safe. All the reagents required are contained in dedicated glass tanks and bottles located inside the instrument.The FIWE Advance pre-heats, dispenses, and collects hot chemicals automatically so the risk of contact with the operator is eliminated.Dedicated LED shows the active columns and facilitates residues detection.

Raise the bar of automation with the cloud!

The FIWE Advance is designed to work automatically and unattended and with the connectivity option to VELP Ermes cloud platform, you will be able to monitor and control your analyses from a virtual cockpit wherever you are, anytime you need to avoiding routine instrument check and download of data.

VELP Ermes is available for PC, smartphone and tablet.  

  • Real-time monitoring and notification 
  • Maximum security and data protection
  • Enhanced Service Support (VELP and partners)
  • Immediate Software Updates
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights