COD Analysis - ECO 16 Thermoreactor

COD Analysis - ECO 16 Thermoreactor

16-position thermoreactor for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) with settable temperature (up to 160 °C) and operating time (up to 199 minutes).

Intuitive Parameters Setting, Digital Display

COD Analysis Thermoreactor ECO 16 ensures a simple and easy programming of time and temperature, the parameters involved in the analysis.

Through the digital display it is possibile to monitor the test at any time, with the countdown constantly shown.

The unit automatically shuts down when the analysis time expires, whilst safety is of primary importance, as demonstrated by the several acoustic and visual signals that report unpleasant situations.


High Safety Rating and Rapid Micro Digestion Method

The micro digestion method minimizes reagent consumption and reduces the required space and equipment to one reactor block that works on several samples at the same time.

Each test set-up is a self-contained disposable vial, which is inserted into a heating system, using small amounts of reagent and sample and so decreasing both the cost and the waste volume.

ECO 16 is suitable for performing a short time COD analysis, in only 30 minutes with a high digestion temperature (160 °C).

ECO Series ensures a high safety level, thanks to the transparent test tube cover that offers a constant visual control of the sample and to all the safety features related to the temperature control of the heating block.