Dissolution Tester DT 820 Series

Dissolution Tester DT 820 Series


The ERWEKA DT 820 series offers advanced intelligence and user-friendly features for stand-alone operation or control of a complete dissolution offline sampling system. It allows storage of up to 60 product test run parameters that can be recalled for future tests.

The unit can be equipped with 6, 7 or 8 test stations and be used in standard high-head or low-head mode. It provides an OQ traffic light to show USP/EP compliance as well as an external temperature sensor for checking the water bath temperature.

The water bath, made of non-leaking PET, is effortlessly accessible and allows for easy cleaning.

Shafts with

exchangeable stirring methods

Each DT 82x is fitted with a standardised shaft system with stainless steel or fluoropolymer coated stirring elements for the USP methods 1, 2 and 5. One single stirring shaft is screwed onto either a paddle (PEEK), basket holder or rotating cylinder. Due to the special design, height adjustment is not required.

The DT 820 series is available with two different stirring shaft lengths and can thus be operated in either conventional high-head mode or low-evaporation low-head mode.


with other ERWEKA products

The ERWEKA DT 82x offers various features that play hand in hand with other ERWEKA products. It is suitable as a high-end dissolution tester, but also provides connectivity for a whole setup of dissolution systems, complete with automated sample collection and UV measurement.

The unit's flexibility is unmatched and it is perfectly accompanied by the Disso.NET software, your PC software solution for our dissolution products.


Flexible device for different use cases.

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

As all ERWEKA products, the DT 82x is also 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant.

High-head/low-head mode

High-head and low-head mode

For simple access to the vessels and easy manual sampling.

USP 1, 2, 5 and 6

USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6

Using of many kinds of attachments for different USP methods due to the standardised shaft design.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning of the water bath and the set-up area without requalification.

External heater

External heater

The external flow-through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

Simple to use

Simple operation

Alpha-numeric touch sensitive keypad with illuminated full-graphic 5.7" dot matrix display.



All the facts.

  • Menu-guided pH routines
  • Visual and acoustic reminder for manual sampling (countdown)
  • OQ traffic light system for displaying the USP/EP compliance of the unit
  • Operation hours counter
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Automatic vessel centering
  • Standard tablet drop magazine for 8 samples
  • Evaporation less than 1 % during 24 h (37° C, 50 rpm, 1000 ml)
  • Manual lifter with gas-strut support
  • One-piece moulded PET water bath with outlet valve
  • External PT 100 temperature sensor for reviewing the water bath and media temperature
  • Heating range: 30-50° C (+/- 0.2° C), cooling optional
  • Pre-heat function
  • Wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery (paddles)
  • Corrosion-free plate for holding the vessels
  • Product memory for storing the monographs of up to 60 products
  • Automatic self-check of the water bath/vessel temperature before test run
  • Alpha-numeric touch sensitive keypad with illuminated full-graphic 5.7” dot matrix display
  • USB printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters and results (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.)


Tailored to your needs.

  • Automated tablet drop magazine with control of temperature tolerance (USP) before drop
  • USP compliant sampling station with automatic height adjustment of the USP sampling points
  • Illumination (white LEDs) of the water bath for better visibility of the samples
  • External cooling device with autonomous operation
  • Upgrade to work as an offline dissolution system
  • Video monitoring/recording
  • Paddles, baskets, discs for paddle-over-disc, rotating cylinder, enhancer cell, intrinsic dissolution, felodipine baskets, suppository baskets, extraction cell
  • Dissolution qualification tool kit
  • IQ/OQ/PV documents
  • IQ/OQ/PV service
  • Maintenance service