Dissolution Offline System

Dissolution Offline System


DT Offline System

The ERWEKA dissolution offline systems are controlled by a DT 820 series dissolution tester. The DT 820 series offers advanced intelligence and features for stand-alone operation or the control of a complete dissolution offline sampling system. It allows storage of up to 60 product test run parameters that can be recalled for future tests.

The DT 820 series comes with integrated intelligence for controlling the offline sampling system, which consists of an auto sampling station connected to the DT, the 8-channel peristaltic pump IPC 8 and the sample collector FRL 824 for storing the samples into glass tubes or sealed HPLC vials.

This configuration does not require an additional PC or any software and therefore saves space, money and last but not least software validation work.



Advanced dissolution system with a broad feature set.

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

As all ERWEKA products, the DT offline systems are also 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant.

Easy control

Easy control of the complete system

Alpha-numeric touch sensitive keypad with illuminated full-graphic 5.7" dot matrix display.

USP 1, 2, 5 and 6

USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6

Standardised shaft design allows using different attachments for all kinds of USP methods.

Easy cleaning

Simple cleaning

Simple cleaning of the water bath and the set-up area.

External heater

External heater

External flow-through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

Sample Collector FRL 624/724/824

Sample Collector FRL 624/724/824

ERWEKA sample collector with up to 8 channels.


Proven ERWEKA quality throughout the entire system.

DT 82x


Dissolution tester DT 82x i-Version

Heart of the dissolution offline system

As the main controlling device, the dissolution tester DT 82x is central to the ERWEKA dissolution offline system. Equipped with a LC display and a foil keypad, as well as memory and further intelligence users can easily manage the complete dissolution system directly from the DT 82x.




Automated sampling station ASS-8

Precise sampling according to the USP sampling points.

The automated sampling station ASS-8 is an add-on module to the DT 82x, responsible for taking samples according to the USP sampling points right from the vessel itself. With the help of the connected pump, these media are then pumped to the FRL sample collector who stores the samples in glass tubes or HPLC vials for later analysis.



FRL 624/724/824


Sample collector FRL 624/724/824

Efficient sample collection for later analysis.

The sample collector FRL 624/724/824 offers precise dosing for up to 26 rows with 8 channels. Its advanced design allows simple cleaning below the easily removable vessel rack.






Peristaltic pump IPC 8

Efficient and versatile pump for ERWEKA dissolution systems.

The peristaltic pump IPC 8 offers an accuracy of +/- 0.5 ml and is the basic pump provided with ERWEKA dissolution systems.




DT offline system variants

Easily adjustable to your needs.

14 vessels offline system with DT 1610 series and IPC 16
Maintenance free PVP 620 or 820 piston pump for filtration down to 0.22 μm available - our favoured pump, especially for high volume testing
ERWEKA SP piston pump for dilution, with extremely high dosing accuracy (+/- 0.2 ml), but no double filtration possible
AFC 825 filter changer for automated replacement of filters below 1.0 μm



All the facts.

  • ERWEKA DT 82x dissolution tester with touch sensitive keys and LC display for full control of the offline system
  • IPC 8 peristaltic pump with 8 channels
  • Sample collector FRL 624/724/824 (of up to 24 sampling intervals) with movable tray for easy exchange of vessel racks
  • Different sampling containers available – 26 x 8 glass tubes of 12 ml capacity, 16 x 8 glass tubes of 25 ml capacity or 26 x 8 HPLC vials of 1.2 ml or 4.0 ml capacity
  • Membrane piercing by FRL 824 for piercing of sealed HPLC vials
  • Media replenishment possible
  • Optional dilution possible
  • Fluoropolymer tubing
  • Integrated cleaning routine of the FRL 624/724/824
  • System


Configured for your needs.

  • Rack (24 x 8) with glass tubes of 10 ml volume
  • Rack (16 x 8) with glass tubes of 25 ml volume
  • Rack (24 x 8) for HPLC vials, 1.2 ml volume
  • Rack (24 x 8) for HPLC vials, 4.0 ml volume
  • IQ/OQ/PV documents
  • Q/OQ/PV service
  • Maintenance contracts