Smartchem 170 Discrete Analyser

Smartchem 170 Discrete Analyser

Direct read Discrete analyzer for maximum productivity in wet chemistry analysis

The Smartchem 170 combines the latest technology in Discrete analysis with an innovative, unique design that guarantees accurate and reproducible results.

The Smartchem 170 is the first discrete analyser to utilise the Cuvette Quality Assurance System, performing an integrated QC check of each cuvette prior to use. In addition to automated analysis the Smartchem 170 offers automated system Quality Control.

The Smartchem 170 is also the first discrete analyser to utilise a patented, dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction. Designed for multi-tasking and high throughput rates, the NOx module also provides automated cadmium regeneration.

Main features:

  • Direct read Discrete analysis
  • Fully automated instrument
  • Long-life cuvettes with integrated Cuvette Quality Assurance System
  • Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis
  • Barcode reading for samples and reagents
  • User friendly software
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Up to 170 tests/hour

The Smartchem 170 provides:

  • More Productivity
  • Lower Running costs
  • Better results