Dietary Fiber Extraction - CSF6 Filtration Unit

Dietary Fiber Extraction - CSF6 Filtration Unit

Filtration unit for the final filtration and washing phase defined in the enzymatic method for dietary fiber extraction.

Filtration for Dietary Fiber, Significant Benefits

Perform single or multiple samples at the same time. CSF6 is required for efficient filtration, after the samples have been processed by GDE.

The high efficient pump allows to speed-up the filtration step and the final washing.Compressed air can be also injected from the bottom to remove any sample accumulated in the filter of the crucible, which affects the quality of filtration.

Time Saving

  • Single or multiple sample processing
  • Short filtration time – under 20 minutes, even for 6 samples
  • Pump to speed up filtration process & washing

Efficient Operation

  • Unclog crucibles with air pump to improve filtration quality
  • Electronic setting of counter pressure


  • Wash the walls of the glassware with 78% ethanol to remove sample residues