Thermal Printer DPU-S445

Thermal Printer DPU-S445

Product Information

The Thermal Printer DPU-S445 is a thermal line dot printer with high printing speed while producing a clear type face. This allows the Thermal Printer DPU-S445 to print out scanned images. As an alternative to using USB sticks, the automatic print-out function of the DPU-S445 printer can be used to quickly obtain the results.

Compatible with the BioPhotometer D30 and the BioSpectrometer product line.


  • Automatic print-out of results
  • Easy and direct connection via USB
  • Compact and light-weight (approx. 0.5 kg)
  • Easy paper operation
  • Max. printing speed: 90 mm/sec.
  • Number of dots/line: 832
  • Resolution (dots/mm): 8