BioSpectrometer® Reference Filter Sets

BioSpectrometer® Reference Filter Sets

Product Information

The secondary UV/Vis Eppendorf BioSpectrometer Reference Filter Set is used to verify photometric accuracy and wavelength systematic error.

For use with the BioSpectrometer basic and the BioSpectrometer kinetic.


  • Filter traceable to NIST®
  • Filter recertification via Eppendorf (contact: Eppendorf Service)
  • Inspection protocol preprogrammed in device
  • Verification of wavelength accuracy and precision at 260 nm, 280 nm and 800 nm
  • Verification of the photometric accuracy and precision in the 260 nm to 800 nm range
  • The variation coefficient is listed along with the average value of 15 measurements.
  • Contains 7 filters (1 blank filter, 3 filters for checking UV/Vis wavelenght systematic error and precision, 3 filters for photometric verification)