Customised ALD

Customised ALD

Customised solutions

Customers are in the center of all Picosun operations and we have built standardized solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs. Sometimes, their requirements vary considerably and no existing tools or processes are able to meet them. As the agile technology leading company in ALD with pioneering know-how since 1970s, we have just what it takes to find the optimal solution for our customers’ applications. This includes collaborative projects, process flow design, special tool design, simulation, concept and feasibility testing, application verification and reliable pilot production. Picosun makes it easy for companies driven by innovation to bring their idea into a successful ALD enabled product.

Process library and process development

After forty years of history in ALD and with the hundreds of years of total ALD experience of our personnel we have developed and optimized a lot of ALD processes.

Development of a new process often starts with screening chemistries and materials which have a long development cycle, but we can shorten that by using our in-depth knowledge and experience from both industrial production and the R&D community.

We offer a range of standard as well as more complicated processes and we can develop processes on request. You may not even know what material you need, but just what it needs to do. We can also take your process from a single wafer into batch or just reduce the cost of ownership of your current process. Let us know your request and allow us to help you!

Foundry and coating service

Do you wonder if ALD works in your application? Do you have low wafer volume and need to run a prototype run? Special request from your customer? We have standardized processes running in our cleanroom and lab facilities and we are eager to collaborate with our customers for smaller and larger projects. We also offer our production customers ramp-up services and prototype production. Be your wafer need one or a thousand – we have a solution for you.

Consulting services

Our experience ranges back to the birth of the ALD technology itself and our people have worked in research, development, and production for years. We have experience in silicon-based and compound semi, power electronics, optical coatings, anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish coatings, MEMS, energy, biocompatible coatings, and many other application areas.

Picosun has a large team with research background to support you with your ALD processing, application, and integration issues. We also help you with integrating ALD into your process flow and decreasing the cost of ownership of your current ALD processes.