Galaxy® 170 R

Galaxy® 170 R

Stackable CO2 incubator with 170 L capacity, advanced model    

Product Information

Galaxy 170 R CO2 Incubators are high-capacity, 170 liter incubators that provide excellent quality, outstanding performance, and intuitive operation. These models can be conveniently placed on or under the bench or even double-stacked. Galaxy 170 R models provide a tremendous amount of usable space that can be optimized with options such as High Temperature Disinfection, O2 control, and split inner doors. Galaxy 170 R incubators feature an integrated controller for simple on-screen and data logging.


  • Standard features: Sealed inner glass door, reliable IR CO2 sensor, RS-232 communication port, 25 mm access ports
  • Two O2 control options (0.1 – 19 %, 1 – 19 %) for hypoxic studies, also available with split inner doors
  • Further Options: High Temperature Disinfection (4 hour at 120 °C), copper chamber and interior for optimized protection against contamination, humidity alert package
  • Fanless design offers more usable space and eliminates the fan, an often repeated source of contamination
  • Six-sided direct heating system provides a uniform incubated environment
  • Deep-drawn, stainless steel chamber eliminates seams or welds and allows easy cleaning
  • Low gas consumption
  • Integrated alarm relay