Integrated HPLC and UHPLC

Integrated HPLC and UHPLC

LC-4000 Series

Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography

LC-4000 Series – Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography

The LC-4000 Series is the latest in a long history of innovative HPLC systems developed by JASCO reaching all the way back to the start of commercial HPLC in the early 1970s.

The concept of the integrated LC-4000 series HPLC provides key separation platforms at 50MPa, 70MPa and 130MPa which correspond to conventional HPLC, the increasingly popular Rapid Analysis (Fast HPLC) and sub 2um U-HPLC respectively.

Each platform is supplied with a dedicated pump and autosampler matched to the operating pressure and share detectors optimized for high-speed 100Hz acquisition and the narrow peak shapes common to both Fast HPLC and U-HPLC.

In the LC-4000 series, SSQD technology (Slow Suction, Quick Delivery) has been re-developed, with a completely new solvent delivery mechanism offering the highest stability in solvent delivery across the entire analytical flow rate range used in the PU-4100 Fast HPLC and PU-4200 U-HPLC pump models.

A wide range of high sensitive detectors includes UV-Vis (Dual wavelength), Diode Array, Fluorescence, Refractive Index, Chiral Detector and the world’s unique Circular Dichroism Detector for Liquid Chromatography.

The new LC-4000 Series includes pumps for semi-preparative and preparative HPLC applications that can be coupled with prep-scale autosampler, detectors with flow cell optimized for high-flow rates and fraction collector fully control by ChromNAV 2.0.

A unique, single platform software package for any JASCO chromatography system

The HPLC systems are coupled with ChromNAV 2.0 data system to offer both HPLC and spectral data handling for most of the detectors even with the dual wavelength UV detector.

A newly added feature of ChromNAV 2.0 is the automatic e-mail notification on your smartphone/tablet so that you stay continuously updated on the analysis status of your LC-4000.

ChromNAV includes all standard chromatography calculations, such as reliable peak integration and identification, powerful and easy quantification, quick user-defined reporting, and versatile data conversion for data export.

In addition to the powerful capabilities of the automatic peak processing, ChromNAV offers easy baseline manipulation facilities and manual peak processing.

For a specific component, a single calibration curve can be created with the data of the preferred channel or multiple calibration curves can be created with data from different channels. The multiple chromatogram display modes make it easy to visually compare chromatograms from different detectors or different acquisition tasks.

ChromNAV 2.0 CFR is available for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. User privileges are set by four different security levels. Three types of electronic signatures (Created, Reviewed, and Approved) are available. Audit trail function records and archives all operations and file modifications.