Eppendorf Cell Imaging Plates

Eppendorf Cell Imaging Plates

The Eppendorf Cell Imaging Plates are black 24- or 96-well plates with clear bottom. You have the choice between a 170 µm coverglass bottom or an ultrathin 25 µm film bottom.Independent of the choice of material the plates are suitable for growing adherent cells due to their TC treated surfaces.

Product Information

Eppendorf Cell Imaging Plates with film bottom have excellent light transmission rates even for UV-A and UV-B light. The autofluorescence of the material is lower than a conventional polystyrene bottom with a significant reduction in background signaling. Furthermore, the film bottom enables high gas transfer: oxygen supply and equilibration with the atmosphere are achieved directly through the plate bottom. The glass bottom plates offer excellent planarity for sophisticated microscopic analysis.

Our rigorous quality assurance for Eppendorf Cell Imaging Consumables includes

  • Proof on non-cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993 specifications
  • Lot-certified sterility according to ISO 11137 and 11135
  • Sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Lot-specific testing and certification for absence of detectable pyrogens, DNA, DNase and RNase
  • Testing for cell attachment and cell growth with an anchorage-dependent cell line


  • TC treated surfaces for efficient growth of adherent cells
  • All plate types have a low skirt design perfectly suited to access all wells with immersion objectives
  • An excellent signal-to-noise ratio can be expected regardless of the plate bottom type
  • Excellent planarity of all plates ensures unsurpassed manual handling and reliable results in automated devices
  • Individually wrapped for reliable purity
  • The ultrathin film bottom allows for high gas permeability and UV-light transparancy, ideal for phototoxicity and hypoxic studies