New Brunswick™ BioFlo® Pro

New Brunswick™ BioFlo® Pro

Large-scale industrial system with full adherence to cGMP and GAMP® guidelines    

Product Information

BioFlo Pro fermentors are modular systems designed for quick delivery, dependable operation, and system flexibility, all at an affordable price. BioFlo Pro systems utilize industry-standard components for dependable operation, and an Allen Bradley® CompactLogix™ programmable-logic controller (PLC) for easy integration into any production facility. The modular design enables multiple options to be added, removed, or changed at any time to meet your various process requirements. Fermentors available in 120, 240, 400 and 1,200 liter sizes.

Air inlet line

  • Thermal Mass Flow Controller
  • Dual inlet air filters (in series)
  • Dual-inlet air flters with test integrity ports
  • Gas overlay
  • 2-gas mix (O2 supplementation)


  • Rushton-type
  • Pitched-blade
  • Marine
Addition and sampling
  • Sampling valve (Resterilizable)
  • Sterile sampling assembly
  • Resterilizable addition valves
Additional otions
  • Clean-in-place option (transfer panel/spray balls)
  • Glycol/chiller heat exchanger
  • Low pressure seal alarm for double-mechanical seal 
  • Vessel electropolish
  • System passivation
  • Transfer lines (resterilizable)
  • Addition vessel scales
  • DeltaV™ connectivity