Bioprocess Systems

Bioprocess Systems

Scalable systems

Whether you are looking for a small scale screening and scale down model, parallel operated bioreactors, benchtop solutions or stainless steel sterilize-in-place systems - Eppendorf has the right one for you. With a wide range of working volumes from 60 mL to 2400 L we perfectly meet your demands in cell culture, phototrophic cultivation and microbial applications.

Single-use options

Our BioBLU® family of ready-to-use rigid wall single-use bioreactors with 65 mL – 40 L working volume complement our scale range. With specifically designed products we offer premium application focused solutions for cell culture and microbial applications.

Software solutions

Comprehensive software packages offer innovative solutions for advanced process control and information management. Scalable control functionality enables reproducible results in a cost-effective manner whereas software solutions for real-time process control, integrated process historian, batch and recipe management and comprehensive information management accelerate bioprocess development from the beginning.