epMotion® 5075m

epMotion® 5075m

The unique 3D-MagSep technology combines a magnetic finger module anda ThermoMixer to facilitate magnetic bead separation, mixing, andtemperature control in one deck position. Our most flexible family member,the epMotion 5075m, is controlled by MultiCon industry PCand can be configured with CleanCap and up to 2 thermal modules.

Product Information

The epMotion 5075m is the most flexible member of the epMotion family of automated pipetting systems. With the large number of deck positions and the mixing, temperature control and magnetic bead separation abilities its ideally suited for various applications in the lab.

Only for epMotion M5073, M5073c and 5075m: Limited Use Label LicenseNotice to purchaser; limited license for research use onlyThis product and its use may be covered by one or more patents owned by Gen-Probe Incorporated. The purchase price for this product includes only limited, nontransferable rights under certain claims of certain patents owned by Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for research purposes only. No other rights are conveyed. Purchaser is not granted any rights under patents of Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for any commercial use. Further information regarding purchasing a license under patents of Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for any other purposes, including, without limitation, for commercial use, may be obtained by contacting Gen-Probe Incorporated, Attn: Business Development Department, 10210 Genetic Center Drive, San Diego, California 92121-4362, U.S.A.

Eppendorf 3D-MagSep™ Technology

The combination of magnetic finger module and ThermoMixer facilitates magnetic separation, mixing, and temperature control in one location.

Used with the specific PrepRack it facilitates DNA or RNA purifications from 1 to 24 samples out of 2-mL Safe-Lock tubes. Magnetic fingers are drawn in or out of the PrepRack allowing mixing, washing, and separation of magnetic beads for nucleic acid purification or various other applications.

epMotion® 5075m


Ease of use and flexibility - MultiCon

The Eppendorf MultiCon PC versions define a new dimension in ease-of use and safety.

As premium product, an industrial PC is included which ensures maximum working reliabilityby standardization and the multiple quality checks each individual PC has undergone.The MultiCon controller fulfills high expectations at best performance for the epMotion 5075 versions.

  • Simplify―Large touchscreen or mouse and keyboard control
  • Network interface allows the remote control of epMotion via direct Ethernet connection
  • Pre-installed epBlue software & assistants
  • CSV and XML file exchange via USB or LAN
  • Safe operation due to data-base repository
  • Run simulation with 3D-view on the workstation
  • 5 USB & 2 Ethernet ports
  • Upgrade option to epBlue ID software
  • Development in compliance to GAMP 5
  • Upgrade option to epBlue GxP software

epMotion® 5075m

Dedicated reagents kits

Free-up your time for scientific work - Whether your sample is tissue, cells, bacteria, bloodor cell-free body fluids, the MagSep Tissue gDNA, MagSep Blood gDNA, or MagSep Viral DNA/RNA kit is your smart solution. The kits are designed for rapid automated small-scale preparation of highly pure nucleic acids based on robust magnetic bead separation usingthe epMotion M5073 or 5075m. The ready to use reagents come in 4 special trays for 1–24 preparations each. Benefit from minimal hands-on time with ready to use reagents, special epMotion reagent tray, and easy software assistants. Get superior yield and purity versus manual or other automation methods.

  • Automatic recognition of kit type and available reagents
  • Variable use of 1–24 sample reagents per tray and intermediate storage possible
  • 25–200 µL variable choice of elution volume (concentration vs. yield)
  • DNA LoBind Safe-Lock tubes included for maximum DNA recovery

epMotion® 5075m



  • Same as epMotion 5075t, plus
  • Combination of magnetic finger module and Eppendorf ThermoMixer®
  • Dedicated MagSep reagent kits for nucleic acid purification form 1–24 samples
  • 3 × Prep assistants for user guided automation of nucleic acid purification with MagSep kits
  • 4 × PCR assistants to streamline PCR set-up workflow


  • Like epMotion 5075l, plus
  • Bead applications with mixing and tempering
  • Sequencing and PCR clean-up
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • Cell disruption
  • Immunoassays
  • NGS library preparation