epMotion® 5075l

epMotion® 5075l

The epMotion 5075 systems are larger than 5070 and 5073 systems.With 15 worktable positions and more features, like gripper transport,4 positions for exchangeable pipetting tools, the epMotion 5075 versionshave a higher application flexibility.The epMotion 5075l is controlled by MultiCon industry PC and can be configured with CleanCap and up to 3 thermal modules.        

Large Deck Space

With up to 15 positions in SBS/ANSI format the epMotion 5075l givesyou all the flexibility you need for your application.

epMotion® 5075l


Gripper Tool

The gripper tool allows transport of labware on the worktable of epMotion 5073 or 5075 versions. It is loaded by automatic tool exchange and can be programmed easily in the software. The stacking of up to 5 plates is possible.

CleanCap - UV/HEPA

The CleanCap option can be configured for new epMotion 5073 & 5075 versions.Here a UV light (254 nm) is used for decontamination and the HEPA filters provideclean air inside of the epMotion.

epMotion® 5075l


  • 15 ANSI/SLAS worktable positions
  • Maximum pipetting accuracy from 0.2 to 1,000 µL
  • Automatic exchange of all tools (gripper, 1-channel and 8-channel)
  • Optical sensor1) for detecting liquids, labware, tips
  • Compatible with tubes (0.2 mL to 50 mL) and microplates with up to 384 wells
  • Eppendorf MultiCon PC controller to run preinstalled LH assistant or epBlue software by touch or mouse
  • Optional software extensions for handling samples with barcodes or for integration to LIMS and ELN
  • Optional software extensions for supporting regulated process environments (GLP, GMP, 21 CFR part 11)
  • CleanCap option – UV lamp and HEPA filter for decontamination and clean air conditions
  • 3 thermal module options for heating or cooling (0 – 110 °C) of samples or reagents


  • NGS library preparation
  • Distributing reagents and serial dilutions
  • Sample transfer from individual tubes to plates
  • Reformatting plates
  • Media change and other cell culture applications
  • Sample pooling
  • Real-time PCR set-up
  • Cell-based assay set-up
  • Immunoassay set-up
  • Setting concentrations or volumes