epMotion® 5073l

epMotion® 5073l

The 5073l versions are with 6 deck positions, gripper option and automatic exchange of 2 tools very flexible automated liquid handling systems that allow its use as open platforms for diverse liquid handling tasks. They are controlled by EasyCon tablet or MultiCon PC and can be configured with CleanCap and 1 thermal module.

Product Information

The epMotion 5073l is a flexible system for automating time-consuming and complex pipetting procedures with the epBlue™ software, making routine Liquid Handling tasks easier than ever. The pipetting procedure is more precise, reproducible and fully standardised, making your workplace more ergonomic and safer. The epMotion P5073 is a customized system for automatic PCR preparation in the 96 or 384 plate formats and is delivered with all accessories required for preparing PCR samples; only consumables need to be ordered separately.

Dispensing Tools

The epMotion workstations can automatically change the tools connected to its robotic arm.
Eight different dispensing tools are available and are based on Eppendorf classic air cushion pipetting technology
  • Free-jet pipetting, no tubes, no wires, no air bubbles to minimize cross-contamination
  • Contact pipetting, for better performance at volumes <1 µL
  • Excellent pipetting precision, below 2% cv at 1 µL*
  • Volume range: 0.2-10 µL, 1–50 µL, 20–300 µL and 40–1000 µL
  • Single or 8-channel
  • Autoclavable & easy to maintain
  • Automatic calibration warning
  • Calibration based on ISO 8655
*Eppendorf application note 168: »Evaluation of the Eppendorf epMotion® Pipetting Tools using the Artel MVS®

epMotion® 5073l

CleanCap - UV/HEPA

The CleanCap option can be configured for new epMotion 5073 & 5075 versions.Here a UV light (254 nm) is used for decontamination and the HEPA filtersprovide clean air inside of the epMotion.

epMotion® 5073l


Gripper Tool

The gripper tool allows transport of labware on the worktable of epMotion 5073 or 5075 versions. It is loaded by automatic tool exchange and can be programmed easily in the software. The stacking of up to 5 plates is possible.

epMotion® 5073l



  • 6 ANSI/SLAS microplate positions
  • Software assistants for simple, step-by-step application programming
  • Optical sensor1) for detecting liquids, labware, tips
  • Automatic replacement of 2 pipetting tools
  • Volume range of 1 to 1,000 µL for maximum pipetting accuracy
  • Compatible with tubes (0.2 to 50 mL) and microplates with up to 384 wells
  • Calibrated 1-channel and 8-channel pipetting tools
  • Optional UV lamp and HEPA filter system for decontamination and clean air conditions
  • Fully enclosed, compact housing with door lock
  • Option for compact EasyCon tablet or MultiCon PC controller by touch, mouse or keyboard, upgradable for barcode tracking and GLP/GMP software versions

1) US patent 6,819,437 B2


  • PCR set-up
  • Serial dilution and normalization of samples
  • Sample or reagent transfer
  • Sample mixing and tempering
  • Assay set-up
  • Media change and other cell culture applications