Lab Companion MS-53MH Multi Position Stirrer (x1) R39 990.00 ex VAT

- Ideal for the multiple sample testing under the same condition. - Maximum 15 independently controlled stirring positions on one heated top plate. - User-friendly operation and time setting modes allowing various ways of multi-position stirring to meet users’ demands: single point, multiple point, whole row, whole column, etc. - Integrated design of the heater and the top plate provides exceptional heat transfer rate and quick heat up capability. - Fast and precise stirring operations are enabled by BLDC motor and special magnet with extremely strong magnetic coupling power. - Smooth-start mechanism provides virtually no decoupling of stir bars even with viscous media. - Instant halt of the stirring operation. - Easy-to-read VFD and intuitive control panel. - Bright and vivid LED stirring position indicating lamps and heating operation lamp for stable operations. - High heat transfer aluminum top-plate