Jasco FT/IR 4100LE Spectrophotometer

Jasco FT/IR 4100LE Spectrophotometer (6887-J091A x 1 = R162 000 ex VAT)The most cost effective choice for a variety of IR applicationsThe FT/IR-4100 offers the highest performance in this instrument class and has expandability for a wide variety of analytical requirements. The compact optical bench is equipped with an easy access and large-size sample compartment to accept a wide range of sampling accessories.An optional MCT detector (or other options) can also be added within the standard instrument for high-sensitivity measurements, complementing the standard DLATGS detector.Expandable capabilities include FT-IR microscopy, IR imaging and rapid scan measurement.The innovative hardware technology incorporated into this range of products provides a remarkable increase in the S/N ratio. The user-friendly features of the FT/IR-4000 series allows the operator to measure samples quickly and easily using the JASCO Quick Start System to perform routine measurements as well as automatic data processing functions all with a single push of a button. Wavenumber range:                           7,800 to 350 cm-1Wavenumber extension option:        15,000 to 2,200 cm-1 or 5,000 to 220 cm-1Maximum resolution:                          0.9 cm-1S/N ratio:                                               22,000 : 1 

Price don’t include ATR base or accessories. Prices available on request.