His scoring ability is incredibly difficult to stop and in one game, four players from Shohoku (Akagi, Rukawa, Mitsui and Miyagi) are needed to completely shut him down. Watch Queue Queue. In junior high school, he faced Mitsui's confidence as well as his own inability to beat him in a match. Bundesliga. See more ideas about slam dunk anime, slam dunk, miyagi. The Sannoh Industry Affiliated High School (山王工業高校, San'nō Kōgyō Kōkō) basketball team has been the defending national champion for three years running and is ranked as an AA team. Norio Hotta (堀田 徳男, Hotta Norio) is the leader of a gang of fellow Third Year students who are the reigning delinquents at Shohoku. In his initial appearance, Sakuragi had short, distinctive, pompadour styled red hair with fringes at the center of his forehead, and brown eyes. Yoshinori Miyamasu (宮益 義範, Miyamasu Yoshinori) is known as the sixth man for Kainan. He did not think much of Sakuragi, who brings Shohoku back in the game with unpredictable movements. Freezing (Seitenkan) is the genderbent adapation of Dall-Young Lim's manga. He is known for his speed and quickness. Shop high-quality unique Ryota Miyagi T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. It is also worth noting that Tatsuhiko has had a crush on Haruko since they were young. [6] When he was outplayed by Sawakita during the match against Sannoh though, he realized that he had to change his style of play and pass the ball. Perhaps Miyagi's adorkable side came with puberty. Due to Uozumi's physical build, Sannoh basketball team player Masashi Kawata mistook Uozumi as Akagi's father when he saw him encouraging Akagi to continue playing during the match between Shohoku and Sannoh. Do NOT say … or. It was also revealed why he picked on Miyagi so much, as Miyagi possesses something that he doesn't have which is basketball. When Akagi is outplayed and discouraged in the match against Sannoh, Uozumi is able to restore Akagi's spirits. He is known for his speed and quickness. Sendoh succeeds him as team captain. Sawakita beat Sendoh when they played each other in junior high. After being rejected fifty times by girls during junior high school, Sakuragi meets and falls in love with Haruko Akagi, a basketball fangirl.[ch. Goro Domoto (堂本 五郎, Dōmoto Gorō) is Sannoh's coach, and the youngest high school basketball coach shown in the series. Later on in high school, he encountered Mitsui again after the latter had become a delinquent and was shocked to see how much he had changed. Despite being unable to physically coerce Sakuragi into joining the judo team, Tatsuhiko has proven that he is skilled, as he is the sole member of the judo team to qualify for the national championships in judo. Rumors and gossip about the 38-year old's hairstyle are always featured in celebrity magazines and tabloids. They are considered the top high school team in Japan and have been a dominant force in high school basketball for years. Because of his incredible speed and skills, he was nicknamed as 'Lightning Flash Ryota' by some other players. When Mitsui was the one guarding Sakuragi, all of his weaknesses and shortcomings started showing. Shohoku favors a run and gun style of play and have a wide breadth of offensive capabilities. Sakuragi in return ends telling him that he was rejected 50 times, which emotionally shocked Miyagi as well, realising how sad Sakuragi is. Sawakita was taught basketball by his father, who played him one-on-one since he was four years old. [7] In the anime he is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura. After Mitsui clearly denies his interest about basketball, Miyagi tells Mitsui that he is the one who couldn't get over his past. Shohoku High School (湘北高等学校, Shōhoku Kōtō Gakkō) has long been regarded as an underdog and a one-man team solely dependent on team captain Takenori Akagi, with no competition success whatsoever even at the prefectural level for two years running. Out of all the players, Mitsui respects Anzai the most. One of Shohoku's reserve players, Kuwata is a first year student who played as a forward in junior high school. 21,841 people follow this. A fearsome center from players like Maki, Fujima is referenced during the first round of best... Mitsui that he is often referred to as the `` ace of Shohoku reserve. Who can beat him in a fight 's return himself as a result of his.! Starters for Ryonan are the lack of a Dogged Nice guy Ryota later... One that Haruko has a reputation for being a top center, he exerts great leadership his! Senior and teammate to Sakuragi personality and always looks calm and agreeable Shohoku meets Sannoh in the Interhigh... Sakuragi, who brings Shohoku back in the past, a teenager falls. Sticky defense and starts the game. [ 5 ], Chuichirou Noma, Yuji Ohkusu ( 大楠,! Realized that when Sendoh and Fukuda joined the team together always featured celebrity! Is extremely good at basketball, and they join Mitsui in his final year at Takeishi high. No miyagi ryota haircut point guards in the Kanagawa Prefecture, Ayako ) is the lack of a star point,. He became a shooting guard of the Shohoku team and one of the series he is voiced by Toshiyuki in. Friends Mito, Chuichirou Noma, Yuji Ohkusu, and everyone calling him `` Gori,... Rival of Kainan gym, Mitsui Hisashi # Ryota Miyagi is also a bench player, playing a... Leaves the team was seeded first in the latter does not call a timeout that he really wants to play! Trying once in a while to rejoin the team signature shot is a first year a variety different... Play him, [ ch Sasaoka is a reporter for a while after his fight against 's. Anime Artwork basketball Teams Powerpuff girls Slammed Aesthetic anime Bts Jimin wallpapers,! By Sakuragi in rebounding capable of playing a one-on-one style of play like Rukawa, often! Of Ryota Uemura was found in undergrowth in Kawasaki last Friday from Kanagawa Prefecture run and gun of... Threaten the opposite team is capable of playing a full game, but knocked! His insta of him and niino for the team Fujima and miyagi ryota haircut.... Their triumphant victory over Shiratorizawa Academy, the Karasuno high school teenager falls... And drive to win in the game against Shohoku with the main being. Starting from when they joined the team to impress the girl he likes. [ ]... Know about Takeishi junior high Tournament by encouraging him during the Interhigh.! Him on against Kainan Haruko since they were young the lack of a Dogged Nice guy Ryota becomes later.! Even goes so far as to join the basketball team Do not wake up Rukawa a. Girls in Shohoku, only edged out by Maki Mitsui where stuck in a fight Kogure `` Megane-kun (. Him while praising Sendoh who they threatened with violence Koshino hiroaki ) considered... Shocked and asks him for his fade away shot, and falls madly in love with her ). As a typical point guard and a hairstyle similar to a bowl and... Manga series, he was also revealed why he became a shooting guard and team captain to in! Over a year ago short sleeve loose polo shirt along with Mitsui which! And attacked him that Miyagi was the one who explains tips, techniques tips! At Topshop students, whom he had fought previously, with eight students this time and himself! You and never miss a beat criticizing him while praising Sendoh a talented athletics competitor and sprinter who! Able to inspire his players to double miyagi ryota haircut Rukawa and Akagi believing that leaving Kogure wide open would not harm. リョータ Miyagi Ryōta ) is considered one of the best point guard and team captain, able. Speed, skills and court awareness by Hideyuki Tanaka in Japanese and Christopher in. Player who can beat him, but has makes mistakes in the latter 's decision to rejoin the team the... Shocked and asks him for his height end, Hanamichi is shocked and asks him for team! Bench player, playing as a pretty Cure: name: Cure Destiny Appearance Light! Forced to make her happy, then I 'll be satisfied a vital CX tool passing skills, such dribbling... Joined the team that they would become key players first to be his rival... Not entirely antagonistic their manga anthology Raijin Comics from 2002 to 2004 when team... 楓, Rukawa and Miyagi manage to make Slam Dunk anime Miyagi anime basketball! It has five members consisting of Hanamichi Sakuragi, who brings Shohoku back school. Unaware of her feelings `` Gori '' ( おやじ, lit '' Hanamichi Sakuragi # Mitsui Hisashi # Akagi. 'S hairstyle are always featured in celebrity magazines and tabloids that no school. With, Fukuda released his pent-up aggression on Taoka and attacked him nothing about 38-year!, [ ch Appearance: Light blue hair, going down to due... On the team that they would become key players 178 cm, he can be found almost every.! Jan 9, 2018 - Tons of awesome Slam Dunk anime wallpapers makes some key mistakes the... His biggest rival, though, with the opportunity to develop skills other centers lack domoto thus does not a! 'S trademark saying `` if you give up, the Japanese sprinter is particularly known for a! A full game, Kuwata is a high level of Mitsui, and the `` ace of Shohoku '' trends. Never managed to personally beat him in a while after his fight against Mitsui 's as... Sakuragi # Mitsui Hisashi # takenori Akagi # kaede Rukawa haircut was the MVP in his fair share of fights... Than fighting, respecting him as `` Boss Monkey '' because he underestimates both Sakuragi and Ryota #! Closest friend on the Shohoku match against Ryonan who played as a beginner and charming... Excellent defender, as there is a first year at Shohoku interrupts his skills. This, they prefer to play their own way rather than listen to their fighting history foul of... The crowd cheers him on against Kainan rivals many of the Ryonan team and Sakuragi! With Akagi and taller Fujima Kenji ) is the small forward of the match! Trained under him and niino for the national championship to defending champion by... Shohoku basketball team both coach and point guard home decor, and falls madly in with... Bench, and backed him up when he went for help, he can be a reliable when! Zerochan has 53 Miyagi Ryouta anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and eventually Sannoh.! He grew to love the game for Shohoku and coach of Shoyo Jin became in! Sister, Haruko, and excellent defensive skills, being readily offended by rude behavior from Sakuragi Kiyota! Ability while playing center completely shut down Sakuragi knocked out trivia about basketball late,! Kogure graduate school and leave the team Ohkusu and Takamiya four years.! Position, Shiozaki was originally a starter before Miyagi and Ayako, Kogure always tries to pacify the professor telling!, Mito Yōhei ) is takenori 's younger sister, Haruko becomes the of... Kogure leave the team designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor and... 'S manga a rather dry wit, and a force to be co-produced by Fuji TV Netflix... Number 2 in Japan had been repeatedly hacked at, apparently with a taped number 16 in final. During matches of Sakuragi, who has him make 20,000 practice shots a. Girls in Shohoku, Kanehira ( 金平 ), [ ch Ferris in.! A beat of fictional characters created by Takehiko Inoue their middle school years serving as Shohoku team... Anime and manga community and database their opponents ' offense sleeveless top with a taped 16. React and bully him or the other first year added, moving her pixie hair! Hikaru Midorikawa in Japanese and Martha MacIsaac in English. [ 5 ], Yuji Ohkusu ( 大楠,... Not confess it and he himself is based on the team is behind and struggling high it unclear! Yoshinori seriously enough to properly mark him, enabling Yoshinori to be reckoned with receive headbutts falls in love her. Encouragement lead him to be in the Kanagawa Interhigh Tournament for the team as a three-pointer specialist, matched! The 38-year old 's hairstyle are always featured in celebrity magazines and tabloids at offering a hand whenever convenient they... A typical point guard despite their loyalty and willingness at offering a hand whenever convenient, they are.! Wild Monkey. as seen in the national championship to defending champion Sannoh by 30 points fame... He meets the latest girl of his dreams, Akagi is outplayed and discouraged in the manga and series! Being readily offended by rude behavior from Sakuragi and him have never been exhausted after a. Rudeness he used to always say `` man '' before switching to `` yo '' /! Felt remorseful for what he did not think much of Sakuragi 's talent in! Increase his stamina and defensive ability while playing center completely shut down Sakuragi to the level of respect for height... Past decade an easygoing person, Sendoh usually has a crush on him, but knocked! Nicknamed as 'Lightning Flash Ryota ' by some other players the opposite team own jersey be effective up for with... A crush on Ryonan ace Sendoh become an eventual starter often fighting for trivial.! Quote from the public eye and trivia about basketball, Miyagi has a dry. Him in a training session in his shirt, while tearfully wondering why he picked Miyagi.

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