TRANSIA® AG (Enzyme ImmunoAssay) incorporates proven antibody-antigen "sandwich" assay technology for the detection of food borne pathogens in both product and environmental samples. Highly specific antibodies coated to polystyrene microtiter plate wells capture and bind the target antigen, if present. A detection antibody linked to a conjugate enzyme is introduced to form an antibody/antigen/antibody sandwich. Finally, a substrate is added and converted by the conjugate enzyme to produce a color change indicating the presence of the target pathogen. The extensive AOAC validations and built-in positive and negative controls combine to provide users with the necessary confidence in the results. The efficient 96-well format and available automation make TRANSIA AG an ideal solution for high volume testing.

Available Test Kit

Accurate detection of E. coli O157:H7 in beef in just 10 hours

TRANSIA® AG - Automation Details:

High-Throughput Efficiency

Enzyme immunoassays such as TRANSIA AG's with standardized protocols and ready to use reagents are ideal for automation. Running EIAs on an automated instrumentation platform is the cost effective solution to the high throughput testing needs of high and medium volume laboratories.

Complete Walk-away Automation

Free up valuable analyst’s time for other projects. All the steps of running an enzyme immunoassay manually, from pipetting, washing, to incubation are done by the instrument. Setting up a run is easy to do. At the end of a run, the instrument will provide a report, clearly identifying negative and positive results.