Electroporation | Eppendorf Eporator

Electroporation | Eppendorf Eporator

The Eppendorf Eporator is a compact instrument designed for fast and controlled electroporation of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms. The instrument is unique due to its intuitive operation and user-friendly programming of standard methods, as well as its USB port where experimental data can be easily exported and documented. Electroporation using the Eppendorf Eporator yields higher transformation efficiencies than chemical transformations. Using electroporation can reduce time consumption and errors when buffers need to be prepared by the user.


Transformation of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms.

  • Faster sample handling- simple one button operation
  • Intuitive use
  • Fast and freely programmable-two program buttons allow storage and recall of most commonly used parameters.
  • Safe electronics and integrated electroporation chamber eliminates voltage leaks and misuse
  • Compact, space saving design for easy storage and transport
  • Easy, GLP-compliant documentation via USB port

 Model Range

  •  Eporator for bacteria and yeast

Recommended Accessories

  • Electroporation buffers.
  • Fusion chambers. 

Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements

  • 1 year
  • 2 year
  • 3 year

Published Research Utilising the Eppendorf Eporator