FLASH® Rapid Protein Detection Test

FLASH® Rapid Protein Detection Test

Protein (incl. Allergenic Protein)

Protein swab tests are used to help quickly verify cleaning effectiveness by detecting protein residues, including allergens, left on food contact surfaces after cleaning.

Rapid test results with clear color interpretation

Verify cleaning effectiveness quickly and consistently, allowing for immediate corrective action while minimizing downtime between production change-overs.

1 swab, 2 sensitivity levels

Choose the appropriate testing sensitivity based on application- or area-specific limits of detection for protein residue. Obtain initial room temperature results down to 20 µg (down to 3 µg for high temperature incubation) within 10 minutes.

Detects protein residues including certain “Big 8” food allergens

FLASH testing can be incorporated as a standardized component of your HACCP allergen management program. And rest assured knowing you comply with SQFI guidance for verifying adequate removal of allergenic material.

Build an even more comprehensive and flexible HACCP management program.

FLASH is a perfect complement to LIGHTNING MVP ICON® System testing, which is a commonly used method for monitoring overall environmental hygiene. But ATP tests can’t measure protein, which is a difficult food residue to remove from surfaces even after cleaning. Used regularly, both can be incorporated into validated cleaning procedures (SSOPs) to minimize the risk of biological contamination and cross-contamination to allergen-free products.