Futura Duo CFA

Futura Duo CFA

New Futura Duo/Trio CFA analyzer: 2 or 3 channels for combined analysis.

Launched in June 2014, the Futura Duo/Trio is a new Continuous Flow Analyzer which can simultaneously run multiple parameters in parallel for combined analyses, with its integrated two or three channels. Futura Duo offers the best technology of genuine fully integrated automation together with complete modularity.

All chemistries easily

The Futura Duo is able to run all chemistries from the easiest to the most complex ones: Phenols, Cyanide, Detergents, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, free & total SO2, Volatile acidity, Formaldehyde

With its double or triple channel configuration, the instrument can run chemistry combination such as Phenols + Cyanide or TN + TP.

Total Automation

With Futura, you can fully automate the most complex chemistries : dialysis, distillation, UV digestion, injection, dilution, mixing, incubation and liquid/liquid extraction. The fully automated process includes programmable start-up and shut-down, preparation of standard solutions, pre- and post-dilution of off-scale samples, and automatic rinsing.

The new full auto module handles automatically the external modules and accessories for the automation of complex chemistries.

High performance pump

The new Futura also includes a multispeed peristaltic pump, independent electronic and leak detector module. With this high tech pump, the Futura is the only analyzer in its category that can work with either micro or macro flow.

High capacity

With a samples loading capacity of up to 360 samples, the Futura Duo can analyze from 15 to 120 samples per hour by channel, depending on the type of probe used.

Large built-in touch screen computer

The Futura Duo is easy to use with its new large touch screen, which displays all information about the analysis, with a user-friendly software, and pre-installed methods and manifold.

Extremely low consumption of reagents

The cheapest and fastest method for several analysis.

Full modularity for multiple analyses

To increase the modularity of the instrument, a complete range of accessories is available, including probe, dilutor, digester, distillation module, autoclave, flame photometer, fluorimeter and ready to use reagents.

Futura is compatible with ISO, EPA, AFNOR, COFRAC… and with all LIMS.