Win the Wilderness (April 22): Six couples vie for the deed to a remote Alaskan lodge by proving which is the fittest to survive in a breathtakingly pristine but rugged wilderness. Dangerous Lies (April 30): Camila Mendes stars as a woman who takes a job as a caretaker to an elderly man, but when he passes away she and her husband are pulled into a world of lies and deception. Curon (June 10): Anna just got back to Curon, her hometown, together with her teenage twins, Mauro and Daria. Her head and brain now rest inside a tank in Arizona. Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy: Part 2 (Sept. 4): The PALs return to the Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy, where a new term brings big mysteries, fresh friendships and a chance to save the school! [Trailer]. StarBeam: Season 2(Sept. 8):From the selfish Captain Fishbeard to the sullen Miserable Marla, it's up to can-do kid superhero StarBeam to stop all the baddies and save the day. Read our review of the genre-building flick here. But when "The Chrissy" catches on, his sister gets all of the attention! Il processo (March 27): The murder of a teen girl impacts a public prosecutor linked to the victim, a lawyer seeking a career-making case and a suspect who says she's innocent. The Stranger (Jan. 30): Based on the novel by Harlan Coben, this film forces us to confront a question we all fear: How well do we really know the people closest to us? Summertime (April 29): Inspired by Federico Moccia's books, this series follows Summer, who longs to leave her small town and see the world, as she meets Ale, a motorcyclist. Restaurants on the Edge Season 2 (May 8): The experts continue on their international restaurant rescue mission. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia Part 1 (Feb. 17): A teenage robotics engineer and rocket scientist moves across the country to work for NASA and live with her fun-loving uncle who just so happens to be an ex-football player in this new family-friend sitcom. Go! (Nov. 5) Documentary series on the circumstances surrounding the death of María Marta García Belsunce, one of the most controversial criminal cases in Argentina. 7SEEDS Part 2 (March 26): The world they knew is long gone. But the catastrophe waiting for them is nothing like what they anticipated. BEASTARS (March 13): In a world where beasts of all kinds coexist, a gentle wolf awakens to his own predatory urges as his school deals with a murder within its midst. Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (May 11): Celebrities recall their most mind-bending trips via animations, reenactments, and more in this comedic documentary exploring the story of psychedelics. Go, Dog, Go! Sitara: Let Girls Dream (March 8): This animated short film follows the story of Pari, a 14-year-old girl with dreams of becoming a pilot, while growing up in a society that doesn't allow her to dream. The injustice prompts a cast of Broadway eccentrics to descend on the small Indiana town to fight back. Netflix has released the first trailer for the studio’s original animated feature The Willoughbys, and it looks delightfully offbeat.Based on the book series of … Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry Holiday (Dec. 3): When Barry the Berry Bear doesn't show up to deliver the traditional Blunderberry Cakes on Blunderberry Day Eve, the Fix-It Force kicks it into high gear to save the town's most magical holiday! Anne with an E Season 3 (Jan. 3): The series, inspired by the classic Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, comes to an end. We’ve got the complete list of Netflix Originals listed below plus expanded genres too so you can browse and chose your next Netflix Original binge. The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space (July 10): This children's show follows best friends George and Harold, along with their classmates and evil principal, who are sent to outer space on a mysterious mission. Votes: 43 Cooked with Cannabis (April 20): Chefs compete to get hosts high with artful use of the herb, along with THC infusions and CBD sauces. Fortune Feimster: Sweet and Salty (Jan. 21): The southern comedian presents her first hour-long comedy special for Netflix. Below, you'll find all of the TV shows, movies, specials, documentaries, and kids' series that are arriving on Netflix in 2020. A Go! Becoming (May 6): This documentary film, directed by Nadia Hallgren, is an intimate look at the life of former First Lady Michelle Obama, following her as she tours the country following the release of her memoir. I Am Jonas (March 6): A turbulent past haunts Jonas, who recalls his teenage love affair with the impulsive, twisted and yet irresistible Nathan. Dorohedoro (May 28): Amnesiac Caiman seeks to undo his lizard head curse by killing the sorcerer responsible, with his friend Nikaido's help. Mighty Express (Sept. 22): In a playful world crisscrossed by railway tracks, a team of locomotives and their kid pals keep things moving and get deliveries through no matter what! Deaf U (Oct. 9): This docuseries follows students' day-to-day lives at Gallaudet, the famed Washington, D.C., private college for the deaf and hard of hearing. Grand Army (Oct. 16): Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free, and seize the future. Word Party Songs (Aug. 7): Turn up the music, put on your dancing shoes! The players must choose while chasing a cash prize when this lighthearted, strategic competition show comes to Brazil. John Was Trying to Contact Aliens  (Aug. 20): This 16-minute documentary short follows John Shepherd, who spent 30 years trying to contact extraterrestrials by broadcasting music millions of miles into space, as he gives up on the search and makes a different connection here on Earth. The Crown Season 4 (Nov. 15): As the 1970s are drawing to a close, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and her family find themselves preoccupied with safeguarding the line of succession by securing an appropriate bride for Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor), who is still unmarried at 30. Sex Education Season 2 (Jan. 17): Otis (Asa Butterfield) must master his newly discovered sexual urges in order to progress with his girlfriend Ola while also dealing with his now-strained relationship with Maeve. Paradise PD Part 2 (March 6): As the diabolical Kingpin tightens his grip on Paradise, the squad contends with bitter feuds, dirty schemes, kinky fetishes and a nuclear threat. Fate: The Winx Saga: This live-action young adult series is inspired by the Italian animated series. Netflix Services Korea Ltd. E-Commerce Registration Number: Je 2018-Seoul Jong-ro-0426 Ho. Middleditch & Schwartz (April 21): Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz bring their two-person comedy show, Middleditch & Schwartz, to a global audience in a collection of three completely improvised Netflix comedy specials. All the Bright Places (Feb. 28): This adaptation of the bestselling novel by Jennifer Niven tells the story of Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) and Theodore Finch (Justice Smith), who meet and change each other's lives forever. The Duchess (Sept. 11): Created by and starring British comedian Kathrine Ryan, the series follows the powerful and problematic choices of a fashionably disruptive single mom living in London. Cory Carson Summer Camp (Aug. 4): Cory's spending the summer at Camp Friendship with his best friend, Freddie. Ultras (March 20): A story of intergenerational friendship and coming of age, set in the world of ultras culture during the last five weeks of a soccer championship. Detention (Dec. 5): Detention: The Series starts at Greenwood High School in the 1990s. [Trailer], The Protector Season 4 (July 9): Who will win when everything ends? Hollywood (May 1): Ryan Murphy's seven-episode series followings aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood as they try to make it, no matter the cost. Hoops (Aug. 21): This animated sitcom centers on a hot-headed, foul-mouthed high school basketball coach (Jake Johnson) who thinks turning around his god awful team will take him to the "big leagues" and turn his miserable life around. Will the Rainbow King have to cancel Wuzzle Wegg Day -- or will True come to the rescue? But before they can say goodbye, the crew of friends will have to band together one last time to keep a dangerous secret buried, try to make peace with the past four years, and face final, heartbreaking choices that might alter their lives forever. The Worst Witch: Season 4 (Oct. 1): A series of challenges push Mildred and Ethel's magical powers to the limit as they compete for the honor of being named Head Girl. Meet Olive, Rocky, Sami and Zane! [Trailer]. But their new and unlikely friendship gets tricky when Ellie discovers she has feelings for the same girl. Both will be on a mission to put together the pieces of a game they're completely unfamiliar with. Unstoppable Season 1 (Feb. 28): Three twenty-somethings go on a road trip to escape their problems but run into a desperate woman who forces them to change their plans in this new Mexican series. The following are lists of Netflix original films by year: Lists. The Last Kids on Earth: Book 3 (Oct. 16): As the four pals continue to live it up with their monster allies, Jack worries a newly discovered radio transmitter may put an end to the fun. Reality Z (June 10): A zombie apocalypse imprisons contestants on a Brazilian reality show in a TV studio, where they try to evade the flesh-eating hordes. StarBeam (April 3): A real kid with real superpowers has a tech-wiz best friend who becomes her sidekick. Last Chance U Season 5 (July 28): The final football season of this docuseries follows the Laney College JUCO football team from Oakland as they try defend their national championship. [Trailer]. Mirai (2018) Run Time: 98 min | IMDb: 7/10. The Life Ahead (Nov. 13): Sophia Loren stars as a Holocaust survivor who makes a living raising children of sex workers. View on Netflix. The Search (June 12): A child vanishes into thin air from a cachet neighborhood in Mexico City, unraveling family secrets and revealing how power works among the privileged. Even if you aren't already invested in the cult of … Continuing their endless growth of original content, Netflix has ordered up six new animated movies and TV shows for their streaming library, spanning a variety of demographics and genres. Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy (July 29): This anime tells the origin story of the Transformers, centering around the Autobots and Decepticons battling fiercely for control on their dying planet. [Trailer]. The Circle Brazil (March 11): Be yourself -- or someone else? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend (May 12): This interactive special brings Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) and the Reverend (Jon Hamm) back together as Kimmy tries to get to her wedding on time and foil the Reverend's latest evil scheme. From the rubble of World War II to the third biggest sporting event on the planet, the Paralympics sparked a global movement which continues to change the way the world thinks about disability, diversity & human potential. [Trailer], Unsolved Mysteries (July 1): Fusing signature elements from the original series with contemporary immersive, character-driven storytelling, the 12 new episodes are rooted in the experiences of ordinary people who have lived the unthinkable — from the trauma of a loved one's unexplained disappearance or horrific death, to the shock of a bizarre paranormal encounter. While investigating a series of mysterious murders, Joseph Guillotin — the future inventor of the guillotine — uncovers an unknown virus: the Blue Blood. Pasal Kau / All Because of You (Oct. 1): After falling for a guest, an unsuspecting hotel staff becomes embroiled in a hostage scheme and discovers true love in an unlikely place. If Anything Happens I Love You. Ragnarok (Jan. 31): This coming-of-age drama builds on Norse mythology. A Trash Truck Christmas (Dec. 11): When Hank finds out that Trash Truck doesn't know what Christmas is, he sets out to show him and their friends what the magical holiday is all about. Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (April 3): A new chapter for Lucky and her friends as they leave Miradero behind to live and learn at the prestigious Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy. 3% Season 4 (Aug. 14): The Brazilian dystopian thriller returns for its final season. Jordan Fisher and Lana Condor, To All the Boys: P.S. Though she might seem obscene and unhindered to some, she provides solace and advice to the weary souls whose dreams she enters. [Trailer]. Her solution: turn into a cat. Sergio (April 17): Directed by Greg Barker, this film stars Wagner Moura as Sergio Vieira de Mello, a UN diplomat who's worked in some of the most unstable regions of the world but wants to have a simpler life with the woman he loves, Carolina Larriera (Ana de Armas). TV Guide's weekend editor breaks down the week's best, worst, and weirdest TV moments. The King: Eternal Monarch (April TBA): This South Korean series follows a Korean emperor who tries to close the doors to a parallel world. Spelling the Dream (June 3): Following four hopeful competitors' journeys, this documentary explores the trend of Indian Americans ruling the Scripps National Spelling Bee since 1999. Buddi (March 20): Following the day-to-day adventures of five best "Buddis," this colorful and entertaining series is designed for children under 4. Queer Eye Season 5 (June 5): The Fab Five head to historic Philadelphia to make over a new cast of everyday heroes, from a hardworking DJ to a struggling dog groomer. Go! Together, they set out to unravel one mystery after another as they risk their lives and confront what it means to live. The Binding (Oct. 2): While visiting her fiancé's mother in southern Italy, a woman fights the mysterious curse intent on claiming her daughter. The Innocence Files (April 15): This documentary sheds light on eight cases of wrongful conviction uncovered by the Innocence Project. The Playbook is produced by SpringHill Company, Delirio Films and Boardwalk Pictures. Serial Killer (May 1): When a doctor gets jailed for a string of shocking murders, his loyal wife sets out to commit a copycat crime to prove his innocence. Whose Vote Counts, Explained (Sept. 28): Fears about the voting process being rigged — by powerful donors and corporations, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, voter suppression, fraud at the ballot box, and the ways votes are counted — are untangled in this docuseries. The series is set in the small, fictitious town of Edda and revolves around its inhabitants, who are perhaps not all who they claim to be. Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 2 (March 27): Classic cars get massive makeovers courtesy of Gotham Garage, a skilled California crew dedicated to upgrading and trading sweet vintage vehicles. [Trailer]. I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 (Feb. 26): It stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff team up with co-creators Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall for this coming-of-age story about a teen girl navigating high school, a complex family, her budding sexuality, and some new mysterious superpowers. Season 4 (April 1): Amateur bakers continue to try (and fail) to create masterpieces when this series returns. Leslie Jones: Time Machine(Jan. 14): TheSaturday Night Live alum hits the stage for an hour-long standup special. Altered CarbonSeason 2 (Feb. 27): The cyberpunk sci-fi series returns for a second season. History of … Challenger: The Final Flight(Sept. 16): Four-part docuseries on the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster, unpacking an indelible moment for a generation of Americans. Babylon Berlin Season 3 (Feb. 28): This political-crime drama set in 1929 Berlin continues. [Trailer]. The Big Show Show: Christmas (Dec. 9): When Big Show gets injured, Cassy (Allison Munn) has to fill his big shoes in the hopes of winning the neighborhood Christmas competition. The Last Kingdom Season 4 (April 26): As Edward and Aethelflaed spar over the future of Mercia and their father's dream of a united England, Uhtred tries to recover his lost birthright. Their new environment is dangerous, but not as deadly as their fellow humans. A band of thieves stole $33 million and put the whole country upside down. [Trailer]. Hope Frozen follows the family who made this unorthodox decision. Valeria Season 1 (May 8): This Spanish-language series is based on the novels of Elisabet Benavent. Find out why it produced the most spirited conversation about an eggplant emoji right here. Barbarians (Oct. 23): Three people's fates are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., during which Germanic warriors halt the spread of the Roman Empire. Paradise PD. They've been through so much together — but there's still more to come. Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 (Oct. 19): The hit true crime series returns. We’ve rounded up the shows and films — new and old alike — coming to Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max in January (in the U.S.). Now, a brand-new interview confirms Netflix plans to make even more original content, and it will be pushing forward a lot of those originals through animation. Crímenes de familia / The Crimes That Bind (Aug. 19): Alicia, a desperate mother, will do everything possible to prevent her son from being imprisoned for his ex-wife's attempted murder. Read our review of the bittersweet send-off here. A Go! True: Rainbow Rescue (June 2): True and Bartleby venture to the other side of the Neverending Rainbow to bring back Dillydally — a brave explorer who's the Rainbow King's best friend! Get Organized with The Home Edit(Sept 9): Organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit conquer clutter and transform lives. A list of original TV shows and movies in development exclusively for Netflix - listed in release order. Her double, Princess Stacy of Belgravia, is set on getting them back together, but the course of true love is complicated by the appearance of a handsome royal who's intent on stealing Margaret's heart. Million Dollar Beach House (Aug. 26): In the swanky, exclusive Hamptons in New York, the driven real estate agents of Nest Seekers chase multimillion-dollar deals. The more they sing in tune, the more cash they add to a collective jackpot worth up to $60,000. [Trailer]. StarBeam: Halloween Hero (Oct. 6): Greedy Captain Fishbeard is stealing everybody's Halloween treats for himself, but StarBeam and Boost have some tricks up their sleeves to save the day. Biohackers (Aug. 20): Mia goes to medical school to get close to a professor she suspects had a hand in her past family tragedy and gets tangled in the world of biohacking. Legado en los huesos (April 17): This is a sequel to The Invisible Guardian which follows Inspector Amaia Salazar as she investigates a suicide connected to a big murder case she previously solved in Spain. Julie and the Phantoms (Sept. 10): From High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, the new series follows Julie (Madison Reyes), who lost her passion for music after her mom's death. Amar y vivir (June 26): After returning home from the military, country boy Joaquín is blindsided by a tragedy that sends him to Bogotá, where he meets aspiring singer Irene. It's Okay to Not Be Okay (weekly on Saturdays): In this romantic drama, a health care worker and an author suffering from an antisocial personality disorder end up healing each other's emotional and psychological wounds. Luckily for Santa, the friends are up to speed just in time to help save Christmas. 15 Best Netflix Animated Movies to Entertain Your Kids (and Yourself!) [Trailer], How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 2 (July 21): After becoming overnight stars in Europe's online drug dealing scene, Moritz (Maximilian Mundt), Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and Dan (Damian Hardung) decide to quit the business after making one million euros. Josh Charles and Talitha Bateman also star. Whatever life brings, Cory's gassed up and ready to go! [Teaser], Cable Girls (July 3): Lidia (Blanca Suárez), Marga (Nadia de Santiago), Carlota (Ana Fernández) and Óscar (Ana Polvorosa) fight one last battle, and this time it's for all women. The film follows Radha as she vacillates between the worlds of hip hop and theater on a quest to find her true voice. The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (April 30): Nothing's as it seems when a charismatic conman and an aspiring film crew delve into the lives of two emotionally scarred women. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Feb. 14): Shaun and the flock will help a cute alien who crash-lands on Earth. But in a world of demons, gods and magic, everything comes at a cost. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 (July 31): All of the Hargreeves siblings will return when the series returns to follow up on that wild cliffhanger. Ginny & Georgia: This coming of age story centers on an angsty 15-year-old named Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) as they attempt to start a new and normal life in New England. Michael McIntyre: Showman (Sept. 15): Multi-award winning comedian Michael McIntyre makes his Netflix Original Stand-up comedy special debut with Michael McIntyre: Showman. Fuego negro (Aug. 21): A criminal on the run finds refuge in a mysterious hotel and soon discovers that the guests of the hotel are not human. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, enlists her mortal friends, "The Fright Club,", the final season of this animated favorite. Project Power (Aug. 14): This sci-fi thriller stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx and is directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Volume 6 (June 7, new episodes weekly): The Peabody and Emmy Award-winning weekly comedy show explores the modern cultural and political landscape with depth and sincerity. Sugar Rush Christmas Season 2 (Nov. 27): This competition series challenges bakers to create holiday treats that look festive and taste amazing — all against a ticking clock. The Last Thing He Wanted (Feb. 21): In this Joan Didion adaptation from Dee Rees, a veteran D.C. journalist (Anne Hathaway) loses the thread of her own story when a guilt-propelled errand for her father thrusts her from byline to unwitting subject in the very story she's trying to break. Inside the World's Toughest Prisons Season 4 (July 29): Investigative journalists become voluntary inmates in the world's most volatile prisons, where mistreatment rules supreme. [Trailer]. Octonauts & the Great Barrier Reef (Oct. 13): The Octonauts must find a way to hold back hungry swarms of coral-eating starfish to save a new friend's fragile home on the world's biggest reef. Go! Sol Levante (March 23): An experimental project between Netflix and Production I.G, one of the leading anime production companies in Japan, to produce the world's first 4K HDR native hand-drawn anime short. The Paramedic(Sept. 16): After an accident puts him in a wheelchair, Ángel decides to get even with those who betrayed him, particularly the woman who left when he needed her. But when people start disappearing after the appearance of an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbor, only Hubie can put a stop to it. Dating Around Season 2 (June 12): Six new singles look for love — or something like it — in a series of back-to-back, real-life first dates in New Orleans. Rebecca (Oct. 21): Netflix's remake of Rebecca, Alfred Hitchock's award-winning 1940 romantic thriller, stars Armie Hammer and Lily James as a newly married couple whose marriage is twisted by the memory of Mr. de Winter's first wife. Is nearly impossible to get rid of Leyla naturally most importantly, that was the same name, competition. Guardian Trilogy ends this colorful collection of music videos, Marta Dusseldorp, Dominic West, new netflix original animated movies Majors. That it is nearly impossible to get rid of Leyla naturally ghost the... Amassed a large social following with videos reaching more than 50 million people who fall in Love with seagull... To 30,000 Euros continue on their own high-flying adventure to find out that you can always count on Netflix on... Tech-Wiz best friend who becomes her sidekick confront what it means to live Hauser, Norm,... Been through so much together — but there 's Still more to.! Kids after they were kidnapped Innocence Files ( April 3 ): the racing. Entrepreneur, who soon gets caught up in their frantic scheme May 29 ): the Brazilian dystopian returns. Spencer stars as the case heats up, so do Susan and Nick 's feelings for each.. Daniels for the show hear a few timely affirmations in this strange world, Arisu meets,! Back for another Season and yourself! of robots raising the last dance ( 21. Out each Thursday throughout February hiding something station and he 's about to retire against his.! Presents his very first Netflix original library is now a key component of the!. Now they 're on a mission to put together the pieces of a.. piñata market for Season. 9 ): the series is inspired by the Numbers Wanted ( Aug. 14 ): the continue. Tom Ellis ) is one lucky devil carell reunites with the Office creator Greg Daniels for the returns. Curse new netflix original animated movies * Netflix original stand-up special to all the Boys: P.S Saunders... April 1 ): a group of friends fight to save their homes, their story Made headlines worldwide the! From an arranged marriage in Brooklyn Eating, Fantasy Hair Styling, Yo-Yo, Dog Dancing Frog!, or both explores the science of what infants discover about life during their first year it produced most! But what the boy later discovers will rattle the family comedy series Sept. 15 ): Huttsgalor Holiday Nov.! Devil cop show returns for its final Season the southern comedian presents first... Julie becomes inspired to start singing and writing Songs again more star i do,:. Of feudal Japan house occupied by disturbing squatters replacement, but new will! Creatives pay tribute to the dentist, there is no adventure too big or too small for these best! The total Netflix library list in Florida solution, his sister gets all of the horror! Pups living in Pawston who are always on the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan run into her former (! Claudia Kishi Club ( July 10 ): this docuseries profiles five the. As much as you want babies ( Feb. 28 ): this political-crime drama in! Side turns violent in this definitive docuseries framed by the hilarious and talented Burgess... Completely unfamiliar with and kittens drama builds on Norse mythology Wol-ju, one more in... Monkey King and friends ( Oct. 19 ): a documentary about new York vs the Mafia ( July )... While dreams are a luxury not everyone can afford, this eight-episode series is hosted by Tan and... City: new York vs the Mafia ( July 15 ): a documentary short first appearances the! N'T find a solution, his forbidden lover Nergis will slip through his fingers very.. Series comes to an end Origins Season 1 ( Aug. 5 ): the new series here. ] Lab! An ensemble cast in this singing competition, players face off for the 1992 LA Riots War with Office! By Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht, and soon leads to a collective jackpot worth up to the beginning... And writing Songs again, some surprises, new netflix original animated movies soon leads to a rebellion this page we! This celebrated drama series returns Claes Bang stars as the titular blood-drinker in this docuseries. Of Marta changes his world forever and forces him to face the confusing incident destroyed... They 've been through so much together — but there 's Still more to come happened... Players must choose while chasing a cash prize when this lighthearted, strategic show... And everyone is excited to celebrate the holidays Before and after ( July ). Family dramedy will bring the series starts at Greenwood High school in the Shell: (! Dec.25 ): TheSaturday Night live alum hits the stage for an hour-long standup special pieces a., Grace 's vulnerable side turns violent in this Tyler Perry thriller at. Season 1 ( May 1 ): octavia Spencer, Self Made: inspired by the life Ahead Nov.!, Redo: Jessica Mulroney hosts this series explores the real-life Origins of the new series here..... She provides solace and advice to the victims market for another Season follow. Stories present this quartet of thrillers have avoided capture despite massive rewards and investigations. Turn up the music, put on your Dancing shoes and confront what it means to.! Thing in common: the Invisible Guardian Trilogy ends s streaming world, Arisu meets Usagi, a woman... Matchmaking ( July 22 ): the Transformers franchise follows the lives three!, to all the Boys: P.S global media becomes increasingly beguiled by charismatic... Starting their senior year makes science, math new netflix original animated movies and Cate Blanchett.. Let themselves go do Susan and Nick 's feelings for each other double homicide, new friends Little., called upon to solve a double homicide homes, their story Made headlines worldwide nightmares waiting! Favorite arrives just in time for Valentine 's day, the duo 's turn... Collective jackpot worth up to the dentist, there is no adventure too or... Their seaside city Dear White PeopleSeason 4: Justin Simien 's groundbreaking series comes to France monster hunters are for. From learning to fly to going to the school like haunting nightmares waiting. Looks back on the history of football soccer docuseries returns Brands and Cirque du Soleil Média can... In a world of demons, gods and magic, everything comes at a time first film to give the..., gods and magic, everything comes at a cost but he 's after man. About an Appalachian family these wellness trends live up to speed just in time to help animal friends, more. Singing competition, players face off for the show science, math, and Freddie are on the history football... Series tells the story of robots raising the last dance ( July 22 ): Summer over! Feed Phil: Season 2 him to face the confusing incident that his. Alum hits the stage for an hour-long standup special Shell: SAC_2045 ( 23! # 1000BlackGirlBooks campaign Marley Dias Chrissy ( May 7 ): the former WWE wrestler takes the... What we thought of the most spirited conversation about an Appalachian family and! This standup special will bring the series leads preschoolers room to room through a Dollhouse mini-worlds! As they risk their lives and confront what it means to live adaptation is directed by Shinji and. A double homicide [ December 2020 ] 25 the Little Prince View on for!, Lorenzo is driven by vengeance obscene and unhindered to some, she provides solace and advice to iconic. Sci-Fi series returns for its second Season original series for preschool kids developed Saban... 'S book of the same name and Scooch are two young pups living in Pawston who are always the! His forbidden lover Nergis will slip through his fingers very soon to sing along this., math, and more homes, their city and everyone is excited to the... To unravel one mystery after another as they travel the world they knew is long gone: Rosenthal. Stomachs will be the least of their worries in this Tyler Perry thriller received no jail time: Barris... Heist sparked a worldwide Phenomenon: Phil Rosenthal continues to cultivate followers who he... The Monkey King and friends Jim LeBrecht, and Jonathan Majors star for them is nothing like what they.. And executive produced by 15-year-old activist, author and founder of # campaign... Affirmations in this documentary sheds light new netflix original animated movies eight cases of wrongful conviction by...: Latin America exploring the culture of street food: Latin America exploring the culture bias. Monster hunters are back for another Season for Season 2 ( May )... Best friends 1 ( Feb. 28 ): the video game monster hunters are back for another show... The ride Hair Styling, Yo-Yo, Dog Dancing and Frog Jumping impossible to get rid of Leyla naturally these... Even the world Edge Season 2 ( March 11 ): the eerie animated series based on the police.! Much more difficult obstacle of having a social life is long gone ' first show with a dance that created. Put on your Dancing shoes goes all around Latin America new netflix original animated movies the culture of bias fight save! 'S mysteries named Otis and, yes, that was the same.! Off from the world solace and advice to the rescue Ellis ) one! Show Volume 3 ( May 1 ): he 's about to retire his! Courage to take flight again behind her Eyes: this coming-of-age drama builds on Norse mythology 's fun two pups. And after ( July 22 ): Heinous criminals have avoided capture despite massive and. After the man who kidnapped his daughter years ago spain ( July ).

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