Beschrijving. ProductImageDescriptions[2] = "The stamp can be locked down for storage"; STEP 3 - Tick the proof option to receive a proof by email of the design. Welcome to ColopStamps Colop Stamps is a website specialized in manufacturing and selling rubber stamps with the fastest and easiest way. COLOP has received great international interest and acclaim with its first digital-electronic product, the innovative mobile printer e-mark, and has already received numerous awards.In the arts & crafts category, COLOP has excelled through creative stamp concepts carried out by its subsidiary, COLOP Arts & Crafts. Related products. Punctuation and spaces are done exactly as written in the form. Printer 30 Home Office - the ideal address stamp for your home office. On both sides of the handle a self-releasing locking device is integrated which allows transportation in locked position. COLOP XXL stamp pads, ideal for use with extra-large hand stamps, rocker stamps and number stamps. & CO. KG. var ProductImageDescriptions = new Array(); The whole process can be done online in a few minutes. personaliseerbaar. Printer 30. SMALL COMPACT STAMP SIZE. Your imprint. This will be emailed to you when we process your order. The wanted date is easily adjustable using the revolvable wheels. var ThumbURLs = new Array(); Its text plate with an imprint size of 47 x 18 mm offers enough space for up to 5 legible address lines. Ink pads are easily replaced, watch this video to find out how. Usable with all current stamp inks (oil- or water-based). COLOP E/30 Replacement Ink Pads for Stamp - Blue (Pack of 2) 4.6 out of 5 stars 19. Product Description Colop Printer 30 Self Inking Rubber Stamp 47mm x 18mm The handle colour can match your ink colour Great for small 3 line address stamps for the rear of envelopes. Your choice of 9 Pad Colours. Viac pohľadov. 5 řádků textu. 319,00 Kč. Add to Cart . ThumbURLs[1] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/x\/531\/colop-printer-30-new-red-label__26472_std.jpg"; ThumbURLs[5] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/s\/118\/colop-logo__13328_zoom__84762_std.JPG"; var ProductTinyHeight = 40; If you require a larger stamp the Colop P40 would be perfect. … Even beginners can create a professional design using our online designing tool which contains various fonts, frames and cliparts. Approximate Impression Area : 30 mm Diameter Stamp Production Time: 2-3 Business Days. Also available as green product COLOP Printer 30 Green Line. STABILO BOSS PASTEL COLORS View Cart. Samobarvící razítko COLOP Printer 30 - jedinečné jako Vy. More Views. E/30) SKU: E/30/CO. Slim, very compact design. This very common format is particularly suited to addresses and/or logos. Reliable, high quality and offering a seamless customisation process, you won’t believe how easy it is to find something that perfectly fits your needs. Click the Red "CLICK HERE TO DESIGN ONLINE” Button. Next. 2000 Plus Printer 30 Stamp Pad - Colop E/30. STEP 2 - Enter the lines of text you require on the stamp. ZoomImageURLs[4] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/o\/163\/reink-colop__58699_zoom__37959_zoom.JPG"; ... 2000 Plus Replacement Ink Pads for 2000 Plus Printer Series - 2000 Plus Replacement Ink Pad for Printer P30 amp; Dual Pad Printer P30, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 98. €25.30 Ready to ship Delivery within 1-3 working days + Shipping and handling. Basic design with full functionality. Tweet This Product. This will open our Online Stamp Designer for you to create your artwork. Also a small picto or logo can be added as you wish. Also available with Microban protection COLOP Printer 40 Microban . Menu sluiten The biggest format of its group. ProductImageDescriptions[4] = "Image 5"; var ProductTinyWidth = 40; Extremely prompt service with turnaround time literally 2 hours before the final product is commenced. This size is one of the most popular adress stamps. Email This Product. //
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